Slow Down! Watch Out For These 8 Small Town Speed Traps

2019-01-02 08:23:05

automotive maintenance and repair Falconer

Most Americans who have driven in rural areas are familiar with the shady "small town speed trap"— a stretch of road or relatively small location where local law enforcement unfairly targets drivers. Before we present our list, we want to assure you that I-86 Truck & Auto Repair does not advise motorists to travel at unsafe speeds. If you need quality automotive service, however, we invite you to drive safely to I-86 Truck & Auto Repair in Falconer and we will take care of you.

Here are 8 communities that warrant vigilant adherance to posted speed limits.

1. Waldo, Florida
Population 1,015

The community of Waldo straddles Highway 301 and covers a mere two square miles—but don't let its minuscule size fool you. The speed trap was deemed so nefarious that AAA decided to post warnings to auto owners. And the local police force (one officer?) does not have a reputation for mercy. A woman in labor reported that she was detained for more than a half hour after being nailed for speeding.

2. Cornersville, Tennessee
Population 1,000

"According to a state comptroller audit, the small town of 1,000 people, with roughly 200 homes, got about 50 percent of its revenue—nearly $250,000—from traffic citations, fines and fees."

3. St. Ann, Missouri
Population 13,020

The hustling St. Ann police force gloats of writing, on average, a ticket every hour, 24/7/365.

4. Mantua, Utah
Population 694

It is reported that one-third of the Mantua's $649,000 annual revenue comes from 2,000 hapless drivers nabbed for speeding on Highway 91 that runs through this very small Utah town.

5. Selma, Texas
Population 207

This small town procures about $168,000 annually from lead-footed drivers. If you do the math, you discover that this amounts to an amazing $800 for every resident.

6. Woodworth, Louisiana
Population 2,024

Though this community is infamous for its speed trap, apparently Woodworth police are expanding their repertoire of crafty sting techniques.

"Instead of stopping people for speeding, the new tactic is for the officer to sit on the side of the road with their lights flashing. If you do not get into the other lane, they stop you for improper passing an emergency vehicle."

7. Hopewell, Virginia
Population 22,196

"Hopewell's controversial 'million dollar mile' generated $1.6 million last year. It's the only program in the state to hire a dozen part-time workers to perform round-the-clock patrols on the interstate."

8. Haverford College, Pennsylvania
Population 48,498

With almost 50k residents, many individuals would consider this a medium-sized municipality, but due to its infamy, we decided to include it anyway.

The speed limit here is a curious 13 mph, which many automobiles can exceed while idling. The township has a history of being unapologetically open about planting a speed trap; the minutes of a 1965 city council meeting includes the following:

"A speed trap will be set up on Lawson Avenue to control speeding and requested press to publicize same.",%201965.pdf

Consider yourself warned.

Note: The population statistics listed are based either on the 2010 census or more recent estimates.

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Are Used Car Salesmen Crazy?

2018-12-26 08:45:45

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Local TV ads for used car sellers usually have a couple of things in common: they are low budget and they star a salesman who is selling cars so cheaply that he must be out of his mind. It's been this way for years, but why? Who came up with the idea to feign insanity for the sake of car sales?

Earl Muntz Capitalized on Wartime Shortages

The answer is Earl "Madman" Muntz. Muntz began selling used cars in 1941 in southern California. Because of World War II, no new cars were manufactured, so the used car business was coming into its own.

Muntz bought cars in the midwest and then paid servicemen to drive them to California on their way to report to military service. California prices were significantly higher than midwest prices.

In addition to a brilliant business model, he worked with advertiser Mike Shore to come up with an attention-getting campaign. The "Madman" was born.

Billboards depicted Muntz as Napoleon (apparently, that was a thing) and claimed he was crazy for selling automobiles for such low prices. Newspaper ads read, "I wanna give 'em away, but Mrs. Muntz won't let me--SHE'S CRAZY!" Manic radio commercials filled the airwaves and "Madman" Muntz became a household name.

Woofers and Tweeters

Later, Muntz went into the TV business and popularized car stereos. He was continually innovating in the fields of electronics. and automobiles. But his greatest cultural legacy will always be the crazy pitchman persona that keeps local television interesting.

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle from either a crazy person or a sane one, bring it to us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair. We can give you a used vehicle inspection to help you make a good decision on which automobile is right for you. We would also be happy to assist you with all of your auto care needs. Call us at 716-665-2501.

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Your Often Overlooked Car Lights

2018-12-19 07:34:54

headlight restoration Falconer

You probably only consider your car's lights when a bulb needs to be replaced or when your headlights get covered in thick snow (or mud, for you adventure seekers). But the lights on your car are worth another look.


Did you know that your headlights are specifically aligned for the country you are driving in? It's true! For those of us who drive on the right-hand side, the light that comes out is aimed down and a little to the right. This allows for visibility to see road signs and helps you avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

High Beams

It's important to only turn on your high beam or full beam headlights on vacant stretches of road. If any other car appears, turn them off.

Fog Lights

Like high beams, you should only use fog lights in certain conditions. Can you guess which conditions? If you guessed foggy conditions then you are right! These lights are very helpful, but when used when there is no fog other drivers can be blinded.


Hazard lights are typically used when your car is stopped on the side of the road. These lights will help other drivers notice your vehicle and adjust their driving accordingly. The usage of hazard lights while driving differs from state to state, so be aware of the laws where you live.

Interior Lights

Lights inside of the car are so nifty, especially when you are traveling with a child who seems to drop their favorite toy on the floor roughly every three minutes. While these lights can save you from a tantrum, you should not use them for extended periods of time.

If you have any questions about the lighting systems in your car, please come and visit us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair. Ask us about a headlight restoration service.

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What Used Car Buyers Should Know About Salvage Titles

2018-12-12 07:44:43

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At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, occasionally we carry out a used car inspection on a car with a salvage title. When talking to people who are considering whether to buy a vehicle with a salvage title, we have discovered that there is some confusion regarding the issue. In today's article, we review the subject of salvage titles.

What Is A Salvage Title?

Salvage titles can be confusing because state laws vary on many issues concerning motor vehicle titles. Adding to the confusion, auto insurers have different policies regarding salvage titles.

A title that has been marked as "salvage," "rebuilt," "totaled," "junked," or a similar term, could designate one of the following scenarios:

The car was involved in a flood, fire, vandalism, or serious collision
the cost of repairing the damage would be more than 70%-90% of its value prior to the event in question
an insurance agency has deemed the car a complete loss due to the damage.

Note that state motor vehicle agencies and auto insurers may have different definitions of what constitutes a total loss.

Most experts discourage used automobile buyers from buying a car with a salvage title. However, if the price is very, very low, say, less than half of the blue book value pre-accident, and the buyer fully understands what the car has been through, a salvage title vehicle may make sense for some buyers. Remember though, the price needs to be really, really low. Bring the car into I-86 Truck & Auto Repair and we will perform a thorough used automobile inspection and tell you exactly what condition the automobile is really in.

What Is Salvage Title Fraud?

Suppose you are looking at a used auto with an unusually low price that does not have a salvage title. This doesn't necessarily mean the clean title is legit. Unscrupulous auto scammers can misrepresent a salvage car by moving it to another state, reporting a missing title, and re-registering the automobile with a clean title.

If the scammer is hiding the true history of the car, you can bet he/she doesn't have high standards when it comes to the repairs necessary to make the vehicle drivable. Unsuspecting buyers who think they are getting the deal of the century can end up losing a lot of money and/or driving a car that is extremely unsafe.

Car clipping is a related scam. Unethical auto repair operations piece together damaged autos and fail to disclose that they are composed of parts of salvage cars.

You Will Probably Need To Pay Cash

Be aware that it may be difficult or impossible to obtain financing or insurance for an automobile with a salvage title.

Buyer Beware

Bottom line? Be very, very wary when shopping for used autos. Always order a vehicle history report. Scrutinize the title and compare it with the history report. If the vehicle has been shipped from overseas, be skeptical. If something seems fishy, it probably is.

As was mentioned before, protect yourself by bringing any used vehicle you are contemplating into I-86 Truck & Auto Repair so our experts can examine it. We will give you a professional opinion regarding the car's true mechanical condition so you will know exactly what you are getting into.

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When Smarter Isn't Safer

2018-12-05 08:36:04

infotainment service Jamestown

Remember when the dashboard of your auto only had an AM/FM radio and a heater? (If you are younger than 40, you probably don't.) Can you harken back when you could only see a speedometer and odometer through the steering wheel? Those days seem to be long gone as car manufacturers continue to add smart features to our cars.

To avoid a mess of knobs and buttons all over the place, consoles are usually designed around a central touchscreen. There is a screen to control the stereo, navigation system, paired devices such as cell phones, the air conditioning, and more!

This configuration lets you access everything in one location. But is there a disadvantage to these touchscreens? Many safety experts say yes.

Your Fingers Can't Feel What Screen You Are On

The main issue with these onboard computer screens is that they aren't physically intuitive. Knobs and analog buttons can easily be operated without looking at the unit you're controlling. When you turn a knob and hear the fan get louder, you know you've cranked up the AC.

The main touchscreen lets you control the stereo, but you probably have to navigate to the climate control screen before you can control the AC or heater. It's hard to know which screen you are on unless you glance over at it. It's virtually impossible to memorize every screen.

Carmakers are working to improve touchscreen design and interface. Haptic controls and voice command features can increase safety without sacrificing convenience.

Be Safer Today

But what can you do today to be safer with the touchscreen you have? Take twenty minutes and familiarize yourself with the screens and how they work while parked. Pair your phone and try to use voice command when available. Also, make it a habit to set up your navigation system and choose a stereo setting before you pull out of your garage.

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair we want all of our customers to be safe and comfortable in their cars. For infotainment system service, call us at 716-665-2501 to speak with a service advisor!

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5 Warning Signs of a Failing Transmission

2018-11-28 08:08:52 auto diagnostics and repair Falconer

Your transmission is pretty important.

What is a transmission?

A transmission takes power from a car's engine, transmits it to the axle, and causes the wheels to move. 

It is one of the most complicated systems in a vehicle. This engineering wonder combines hydraulics and computer-controlled electronics. And a whole bunch of parts. 

You probably know that a vehicle either has an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. 

With an automatic transmission, the driver only operates a gas pedal and a brake pedal. This is because the transmission changes gears on its own. A manual has both these pedals plus a clutch. With a manual transmission, the driver gets to change the gears. Or "has to" depending on whether or not you like to do it.

What makes up a transmission? It is a long list: 

  • Gear shifter
  • Shift Rod
  • Shift fork
  • Clutch
  • Planetary gears
  • Torque converter
  • Oil pump
  • Hydraulic system
  • Valve body
  • Computer controls
  • Governor
  • Throttle cable
  • Vacuum modulator
  • Seals and gaskets

Transmission repairs can run anywhere from $100 to upwards of $3,000. Therefore, it is vital to know the top five warning signs of a failing transmission:

1. Transmission slipping: if it feels like your vehicle can't change gears (automatic).

2. Rough shifts: if it is more difficult to change gears (manual) or you hear clunking sounds.

3. Delayed engagement: if your auto hesitates before going into drive.

4. Fluid leak: watch for any leaks or spots of fluid under your automobile. If you want to pinpoint where the fluid is coming from, put some cardboard under it. Let your I-86 Truck & Auto Repair know where it's leaking when you bring it in for transmission service. 

5. Warning light: if your check engine light comes on, it could be alerting you to a transmission issue. (They aren't called "warning" lights for nothing!)

Bring your car into I-86 Truck & Auto Repair for transmission service. You don't want to wait until you have to replace the whole transmission.

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How To Change A Flat Tire

2018-11-21 08:27:53 How To Change A Flat Tire

I was driving with my family last week when I noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road. There was a young woman in the front seat staring at her phone. She was about the same age as my daughter, and she looked perplexed.

The area was remote and we figured she needed some help, so we pulled over. My two sons and I got out to see what we could do. 

As I approached her car I noticed a flat tire. There was severe damage to the sidewall. The tire was ruined.

I leaned down to the window and greeted her. "Need some help?" She said "Yes" with a sigh of relief. I asked if she had a spare. She said "No."

Uh oh. Things just got a little more complicated...

After some discussion, she decided that her mom could come and get her, and that they could then go down to the local tire store to get it replaced. "Sounds like a good plan" I said, and offered to remove the tire so she could be ready when her mom arrived.

I asked if she knew where her jack was and she walked me back to the trunk. We opened the trunk and I instinctively raised the floor panel to find the jack. The young lady gasped...

There, under the floor panel, was a donut spare. Right where it should be. She had no idea it was there. We laughed at the good fortune as I realized she hadn't been taught a few basics about car maintenance.

With her permission, I determined to teach her how to change a tire. I made my young boys pay attention, too.

Before we begin...

WARNING: Changing a tire is dangerous. Do not attempt this if you aren't sure of your safety. Make sure you are in a safe location to change your tire. Make sure your jack is on stable ground and that your break is set. Never get under the car while it is on a jack - make sure to keep hands and legs out of harm's way.

Changing a is a good think to know in an emergency. It isn't hard, and only takes about 15 minutes if you know what you're doing.

Find the spare and the jack. In most cases they will be in the trunk under the floor panel. Make sure the jack has a sturdy place to sit and tighten it by hand to the correct location on the frame under the car. Your owner's manual will show the correct placement. 

It is critical to get the placement right or you risk damaging the body of the car, so be careful with the jack.

Assemble the crank arm and start lifting the car. Once you have the weight off the tire, but before the tire leaves the ground, take a break and loosen the lug nuts. The friction of the tire on the ground will help keep the wheel steady. Be careful not to pull a muscle.

Once you have the lugs loosened, get back to raising the car until the tire is clear of the ground. Now go back and remove all the lugs. Be careful to place them to the side in a pile; you'll need them again.

Carefully lift the tire and pull it away from the car. You may have to wiggle it a little, but it should come off pretty easy. Tires are pretty heavy, so be ready to support the weight and try not to scrape the lug bolts as you pull the tire off. Set it aside.

Now grab your spare and place it onto the lug bolts. Tighten the lug nuts back on each bold to finger-tight. Use the tire iron to tighten them each a little bit. Use a cross pattern to make sure you are seating the wheel properly.

In most cases, your spare will be an emergency "donut" spare. These smaller tires designed to get you to the nearest shop, and not much more. Don't drive around on your donut spare any more than you have to.

Once you have the lug nuts soft-tightened, go ahead and lower the car until the tire meets the road. Take a break again to give each lug another good tighten, this time with some strength to tighten them down. Not too much; about as much pressure as it takes to open a new jar of peanut butter.

Lower the car and replace your jack to where it belongs. Place the damaged tire in your trunk and head to the nearest shop right away to have it repaired or replaced.

NOTE: This is a fairly generic review of how to change a tire. Some cars may require special placement or may have hub caps or covers to remove before you can get to the lugs. Every car is a little different. Your owner's manual will have the details.

Be careful out there.

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Wheel Alignment and Balancing: Are They The Same Thing?

2018-11-14 07:52:32 is wheel alignment and balancing the same thing? Falconer

When you feel vibrations in your automobile when driving on a smooth road, you might assume it's a tire or wheel issue. And rightly so. Since your tires are what connects your car to the road, they are the usual suspects when things start shaking. To fix the problem, you know you are going to need a wheel service. But which service do you need? Alignment? Balance? Wait a minute—is there a difference?

Is wheel alignment the same as wheel balancing?

There are many ways tires and wheels get out of whack. Depending on the issue, you might need a wheel alignment or a wheel balancing service. Or both.

It's easy to get these two services confused. Let's break it down.

What is a wheel alignment service?

A wheel alignment is also called a tire alignment. However, both terms are misleading. It's actually the suspension system that is adjusted in this operation. But it does influence the tires significantly. Your car needs to be in proper alignment to get the longest life out of your tires.

The intent of a wheel alignment service is to angle the wheels so they are: 1. Precisely parallel to each other and, 2. Perfectly perpendicular to the ground.

Camber, Toe, and Caster

As three-dimensional objects, wheels can vary from the ideal angle in several ways. When performing a wheel alignment service, your service professional will check three different measurements: camber, toe, and caster.

Camber is the angle of the wheel from the perspective of the front of the car. If you were looking at your car from the front and the tires tip in toward the center of the vehicle, it would be a camber issue.

Caster is the angle of the steering pivot from the perspective of the side of the automobile.

Toe is probably the simplest to understand. It refers to the direction the wheels point, in relation to each other. You can imagine this angle by moving your toes to point to each other or away from each other.

What is a wheel balance service?

The goal of a wheel balance service is to cause the tires to revolve without any shaking or vibration. This is accomplished by making sure the weight is distributed evenly around the axle.

Call I-86 Truck & Auto Repair in Falconer if you need either of these services. When wheels are correctly aligned and balanced, your tires will last longer, you will get better MPG, and you will enjoy a smoother ride.

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Connected Cars Pose Privacy Concerns for Drivers

2018-11-07 08:00:38

auto diagnostics and repair Falconer

Technology has touched every aspect of modern life. And the pace of innovation seems to speed up every year. In the foreseeable future, there will probably be a new iPhone released every week.

Of course the auto industry is moving forward as well. Even economy automobiles have features like rearview cameras and high-end infotainment systems.

Car Connectivity Is Transforming Auto Travel

One innovation that is transforming driving is the ability of cars to connect to the internet. This technology brings all sorts of benefits to the driver. Route optimization saves car owners time and fuel costs. Online diagnostics detect problems before major (expensive) systems are compromised. Accident prevention systems offer the greatest benefit as they can actually save lives.

What are the implications of all this data being transferred and collected? Who owns it? Who has access to it? How can it be weaponized?

In the case of an accident, can police officers have access to collected data? How about auto insurers?

It has been demonstrated in simulations that hackers can take control of a vehicle through its connectivity features. Consider the circumstances where vehicle thieves don't even need to enter a vehicle to steal it. It is probably already happening.

Privacy Laws Are Inadequate

When you consider the potential harm, it could lead a driver to stick with their trusty low-tech 2001 Accord forever. One thing is certain: US privacy laws are currently not equipped to protect drivers from the misuse of automobile-collected data.

"I'll Take The Unconnected Model"

Will automakers keep some models unconnected? There is probably a market for people who want to protect themselves from a data breach that could ruin their life. Or maybe they simply don't want their infotainment systems blasting targeted ads based on their internet browsing history.

Thanks for visiting the I-86 Truck & Auto Repair blog. We are dedicated to keeping up with rapidly-advancing automobile technology so we can service our clients' modern cars. If you are looking for full-service automotive repair in Falconer, give us a call at 716-665-2501.

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4 Auto Maintenance Tasks Many People Forget

2018-10-31 08:04:47

headlight lens restoration Falconer

Most Falconer drivers are dutiful about regular oil changes and have the oil filter replaced when their tech reminds them. But your vehicle has thousands of parts and regular maintenance goes far beyond oil changes. Have you overlooked any of the following maintenance tasks?

Replace Wiper Blades

If you turn on your wipers and they just smear the dirt and dead bugs around your front window, it's time to replace the blades. If you do this every six months, you won't ever get to the point where they can't safely wash your windshield in a rain or snowstorm.

Rotate Your Tires

Tires are an expensive purchase but many drivers buy them, have them mounted, and then forget about them. A tire rotation service at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair is economical and pays off by protecting your investment and extending tire life.

Check Headlight Lenses and Headlight Bulbs

Only replacing the bulbs does no good if the lenses are cloudy. Most drivers whose cars are a few years old don't realize how significantly their headlight power has diminished. Talk to your service professional at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair about headlight lens restoration.

Check Your Tail Lights and Brake Lights

It's easy to miss the back end of your car. Faulty brake lights can result in a crash or a fine. Let I-86 Truck & Auto Repair take care of these vital components.

The team of automotive professionals at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair handle these oft-overlooked items along with all other routine maintenance services your vehicle needs. Our valued clients appreciate our quality work, fair prices, and timely turnaround. Call us at 716-665-2501 to schedule an appointment.

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