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Falconer Auto Repair | I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service - Warranty

Our Parts Department stocks a variety of the most common parts so you don't have to wait. If we don't have it on hand, we have established relationships with many reputable vendors who believe, like we do, that your time is valuable.

Diesel Fuel Supplements

We stock Diesel Fuel Supplements that boost cetane, clean injectors, reduce emissions/black smoke, boost power, improve fuel economy, maximize fuel lubrication, protect against sludge formation, disperse water, and prevent gelling and filter icing. We also carry additive that de-ices frozen fuel filters, reliquefies gelled fuel, and removes water.

Our background in trucking has prepared us for meeting the unique needs of this industry. We have the equipment and training to perform a wide range of services and major repairs including heavy vehicle alignments and major component work.

What's your particular vehicle need? Semis, log trucks, dump trucks, construction vehicles, bucket trucks, RVs?... Owner-Operator? Fleet?

Falconer Auto Repair | I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service - Medium / Heavy Duty Services