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4 Tips To Help Your Car Survive Winter

4 Tips To Help Your Car Survive Winter

Winter is here! The flakes are falling and it’s time to start your winter car care! After you check off the items on our list you will be able to drive safely without worry!


Snow Tires

Snow Tires are a must for winter, especially if it is very snowy, icy, and slushy in your area. All-season tires just won’t cut it as they’re not made for our snowy roads. Winter tires give you better grip so you don’t have to worry about sliding all over the road while traveling to your destination. Check out more about our tire services here!


Tire Pressure

If you read our Fall Car Care blog you already know about how important tire pressure is. The pressure in your tires is even more vital during winter. If your pressure is off then it can force your engine to work harder, cause premature tire wear and decrease your traction. The recommended tire pressure is anywhere from 30 to 35 pounds but it depends on your vehicle and its tires, so be sure to check that out this winter season. 



During this time of year, the daylight hours are much shorter. Add frequent snow and it is  a good idea is to make sure that you check your headlights. You’re definitely going to need all the visibility you can get so now is the time to restore or replace them. Also, be sure to wipe all the snow off your headlights (and the roof of your car!) or no matter how bright your lights are you won’t be able to see! Investing in a new pair of windshield wipers can help  immensely, and remember to check your washer fluid reservoir often because you’ll be using it a lot.



It is recommended to keep at least half a tank of gas in your car at all times. No one ever plans accidents and trust us, you will thank yourself if get stuck in the snow. You will have enough gasoline to keep yourself warm while you wait for rescue. (Make sure your tailpipe is not blocked!) No one likes to be stuck on a highway instead of being warm and cozy at home, so if you are traveling for the holidays make sure you’re planning stops along the way for gas! An emergency kit is also recommended for your vehicle.

Winter weather in our area is inevitable, but you and your vehicle can survive if you follow our suggestions.  Travel safe!

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