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Yearly Archives: 2021

The Mystery of Ford’s Battery Management System Revealed

The Mystery of Ford’s Battery Management System Revealed

Yes, I am an owner of a car repair shop. But even after 15 years I’m still learning about technology in today’s vehicles as it’s changing all the time!  This week my  journey takes us into the Battery Management System on my own 2016 Ford Escape.     Being observant about changes in your vehicle is as important as noticing changes in your own health. And just as important is not ignoring those signs. A few days ago my car started shutting down the radio and dash almost immediately after turning off the vehicle. In the past it would stay on for a very long time so I could continue to listen to the radio or finish up a phone call unless I opened my car door. And then I noticed a message on my Ford Escape SYNC screen, “System Off to Save Battery… turn ignition off or start engine”.  Thoughts flooded my mind – Does this mean my battery is failing? Is my battery charging properly? Does it just need serviced? I’m ... read more