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8 Red Flags For Used Car Shoppers

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we hate to see people get scammed when buying used vehicles. Protect yourself by watching out for these signs of a bad deal.

1. Seller Refuses Mechanic's Inspection

If the seller doesn't allow you to take the automobile to I-86 Truck & Auto Repair for a pre-purchase used car examination, they are probably hiding something.

2. Dealer Complaints

Online customer reviews are a great tool when researching any business, but they are especially critical for a big-ticket purchase.

3. Odd Transaction Terms

Escrow accounts, bank wire transfers, upfront deposits, overseas delivery, no face-to-face contact, the seller was unexpectedly called up for military deployment, claim of PayPal or eBay guarantee, etc.

Buying locally is safest.

4. Excessive Rust

Rust compromises the structural integrity of the frame. Replacing panels is costly and time-consuming.

5. Mismatched Paint

Car owners don't add mismatched paint for the fun of it. It is a result of a shoddy repair job.

6. Mildewy Smell

This could indicate flood damage.

7. Missing Service Records

If the seller can't provide maintenance records, move on.

8. Registration and Title Don't Match Up

This may be a sign of a cloned VIN.