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Falconer Auto Repair | I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service - Nationwide Warranty

Because we tailor our service to meet the needs of the customer, we have been able to easily and successfully develop fleet programs. I-86 will partner with you in the management of your fleet. We work very closely with several fleet management and maintenance companies such as Enterprise, Element, ARI, and GE Fleet Services.

Your fleet is assigned a dedicated Business Development Rep and Service Advisor for the highest level of service and satisfaction. Ask about our local vehicle pick-up and delivery service, priority scheduling, PM service packages, or other perks available with an I-86 Fleet Agreement.

Have a variety of vehicle classes in your fleet? No need to have separate vendors for cars and trucks or buses. We do it all at one location, with one call!

When calling for more information, press ext 112 to reach our Office Manager Tina Best, or click on contact us below.

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  • Sprinters
  • Isuzu
  • Bucket Trucks
  • Hydraulics
  • Aux Power Units (Generators)
  • Power Invertors
  • Diesel Emissions (DPF’s)
  • Vehicles powered by gas, diesel, or propane.

Specialized industries:

  • Tree Service Equipment (chippers)
  • Construction Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • industrial
Falconer Auto Repair | I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service - Fleets