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What Does It Take To Be An Automotive Technician?

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Are you interested in a position as an automotive mechanic? Do you have what it takes?

Automotive Service Excellence

First off, you need to earn the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification. The rigorous ASE course is a respected industry diploma and demonstrates the skill level you have achieved. The ASE program is organized by vehicle type (cars, trucks, buses) and automotive systems. The ASE Core 8 is divided into categories as follows:

A1 Engine Repair
A2 Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
A3 Manual Drive Train and Axles
A4 Suspension and Steering
A5 Brakes
A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
A7 Heating and Air Conditioning*
A8 Engine Performance

*These qualifications differ per variety of vehicle; most school buses don't have air conditioning, for example.

ASE Master’s Certification

Once you’ve mastered the above mentioned instruction, you are then eligible to take the ASE Masters Certification for automotive technicians. Having your Masters Certification may be a requirement for working at some service centers.  If it isn't required, it will allow you to command a higher wage, however. To retain the certification, techs need to get re-certified every five years.

After the Core 8 and ASE Masters credentials, a technician can train and receive extra certifications. The ASE currently has 40 Secondary Certifications that cover areas such as diesel engines, hybrid/electric vehicles, and alternate fuels.

The more schooling you have, the more desirable you are to potential employers.

Mechanic or Programmer?

Keep in mind that today's mechanics need to use sophisticated and rapidly-advancing automotive computer systems for diagnosis and repair. They often consult an iPad before ever looking under the hood. The term "mechanic" is becoming less and less descriptive as technicians do more and more software programming.

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, a trusted auto service center in Falconer, we employ experienced service professionals because your car deserves the very best.