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What Do You Think? Car or Truck?

car vs truck Falconer

Ordinarily, we purchase autos compatible with our needs. Do we need to run children back and forth to school? Or do we need to haul motorcycles and ATVs into the great New York outdoors? Some men and women will always prefer trucks and some will always prefer cars. Let’s discuss a few main points that continue to keep people on either side.

If you were to guess the three top selling vehicles in America in 2016, what would your guess be? My guess would probably be a mid-sized sedan. But it turns out that my speculation would be very wrong.

Did you know that the three best-selling vehicles in America all happen to be trucks?

First is the Ford F-Series, second is the Chevrolet Silverado, and third is the Dodge Ram. So what makes trucks so popular? People love the fact that most full-size pickup trucks now have seating for five which is just as much seating as a family sedan. This makes running errands, going on road trips, and traveling to and from work very simple and just as capable as a car. But the main things that appeal to truck owners is the utility of the bed and the towing ability. There are endless situations when a truck is capable of doing things that a sedan just can’t. Whether it’s schlepping a bunch of moving boxes, scaling a mountain, or towing a boat, a full-size 4WD truck is typically capable of it all and more.

Many outdoor enthusiasts can't imagine life without a truck.

Cars have many advantages as well. One that comes to mind first is the selection and diversity that is available when choosing a car. I can’t think of one automaker that exclusively makes trucks yet there are many manufacturers that don’t have a truck in their lineup. Cars offer a solution for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for a sports car to zip around in, a luxury sedan for ultimate comfort, or anything in between, there is a vehicle for you.

Most car owners also get to enjoy the gas mileage advantage over their truck counterparts.

The most fuel efficient truck I could find is the Chevrolet Colorado at 25 miles per gallon. Compare that to cars and you'll run across multiple hybrid cars that can get over 50 miles per gallon. There are also models that are now entirely electric. Auto manufacturers generally outfit cars with new technology and features before adding them to trucks.

Cars and trucks each provide their own unique solutions to people’s needs. Are you a car person or a truck person?

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