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Tips For First-Time Towing

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Hitching a trailer to your vehicle can be useful in many situations. Moving, taking green waste to the dump, donating an old sofa to Goodwill; all of these errands are possible when you own your own trailer or rent one on occasion. Here are a few towing recommendations that will help you execute your trailer trips safely and efficiently.


It's important to load the trailer with the heaviest items up front closest to your car. This will help you have more control over the trailer and avoid fishtailing. While you do want most of the cargo in front of the front axle of the trailer, you should also have some weight behind the axle. This will help alleviate excess pressure on the hitch.

Tire Pressure

Proper trailer tire pressure is vital and you should monitor it often. Maintain the tire pressure at the highest level recommended by the trailer manufacturer. If you don't know what level that is, stop by I-86 Truck & Auto Repair or give us a call at 716-665-2501 and we'll help you find out.

Securing the Load

Securing the load is vital for a safe journey and for the protection of the items you are towing. Use strong tie-downs and check them every 10 miles, because they will need to be tightened due to the shaking that transpires when you are driving. Loose items or debris must be encompassed by a tarp when using an open trailer.

Trailer Lights

Most states require running lights, turn signals, and brake lights on a trailer. Even if your state doesn't mandate them on small trailers that don't obstruct the towing vehicle's lights, you will be safer if you use them. Because there are different wiring set-ups for both trailers and vehicles, this article won't describe this process. If you rent a trailer from a rental company, make sure they connect the lights before you leave and show you how to do it if you will be unhitching and rehitching.

Know The Laws For Travel

Trailer towing provisions vary by state and govern speed, trailer weight, load containment, breakaway brakes, and lane restrictions. Be certain that you know the laws before you tow.

If you don't have a trailer hitch mounted on your car, call us at 716-665-2501 to make an appointment to mount a trailer hitch or any other towing accessory.