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The Most Expensive Places to Drive

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When you consider the rates of owning and driving an automobile, you probably think about the initial purchase, oil changes, gas, and repairs. But what about the roads we drive on? Building and maintaining thoroughfares for auto travel is not cheap.

If you live in an area where roads are paid for with transportation taxes, you may mistakenly consider that they are "free" to drive on because you don't stop and pay every time you travel on the road. (This is probably how "freeways" got their name.) You pay for the use of the road when you swipe your debit card at the pump and pay a significant amount in taxes.

Communities with toll roads take a different approach to financing their transportation infrastructure. Toll roads are financed by collecting money on the spot from every driver that travels the road, and some have expensive tolls. Can you guess the locations around the world have the most expensive tolls? Check out the quiz below.

1. This thoroughfare is located on the East Coast of the United States of America. The cost of the toll is $1.05 per mile, making it one of the most expensive toll roads in the US.

2. This scenic expressway is one of the most well known in Germany. Thrill seekers often drive this no-speed-limit loop to try to get the fastest lap time. Traveling this 13-mile stretch of expressway costs about the equivalent of $32.

3. The third one on our list is a bridge that connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick, Canada. It spans 8 miles and the price is currently $46. Hopefully, you can find something to do that's worth $92 dollars if you take this route to and from the island.

4. Fourth is a tunnel that connects Italy and France. This tunnel saves a lot of time for auto owners traveling through the Alps. There’s a heavy price to pay for this shortcut, however. For a one way trip, you’re looking at around $55, and for a round trip, you pay around $68!

5. The last one is another bridge that connects some picturesque Northern European islands. The bridge has substantially reduced travel time between the islands. Previously, it required an hour-long ferry ride but now it’s just a 10-minute drive over the bridge. The cost to island hop using this bridge is around $37.

Here are the answers:

1. Chesapeake Expressway, Virginia
2. Nurburgring, Germany
3. Confederation Bridge, Canada
4. Mont Blanc Tunnel, France-Italy
5. Storebaelt (Great Belt Fixed Link) Bridge, Denmark

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