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The Inside Scoop on Car Interiors

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At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we believe that many autos are a pleasure to look at from the outside. And some have gained popularity for outer body appearance alone. For example, think of your favorite car and then consider why you like it. I’m guessing one of the main reasons is because of how it looks on the outside. But have you ever analyzed the amount of detail and innovation that goes into car interiors?

While the outside styling of cars is what turns heads, the interior is what keeps the driver and passengers happy and comfortable. But auto interiors haven’t always offered opulent comfort and an array of tools at your fingertips. Technically, the first cars had no "interior" because they were basically open-air buggies with a motor. Even decades later, autos had no AC, no head rests, no leather seats—not even cup holders. Nowadays there are interior characteristics that make autos more comfortable than they’ve ever been.

A Spa or a Sedan?

Need a back massage? There are vehicles that have massagers built right into the seats along with seat warmers that have been enjoyed for a while now. Want to stay connected at all times to the internet? There are automobiles that have Wi-fi hotspots. Bluetooth has become a highly acclaimed feature. It allows you to link your cell phone so that you can route calls, music, and other types of media through your car's built-in sound system.

(Away From) Home Theater

Touch screens and infotainment centers are also becoming an option that almost every car maker is offering now. It is fantastic to see the added functionality that these screens offer. Now cars don’t require dozens of different dials to manage the settings. Navigation, music controls, and temperature adjustments can be done right from the screen. If you don’t want to use the screen, many vehicles offer steering wheel controls that let you make changes without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. (Our great-grandparents would probably chuckle at how spoiled we are.)

It All Starts With The Materials

Innovative features aren’t the only things that are making interiors more comfortable, but also the materials used to engineer them. In more plush cars, you can get interiors full of leather, exotic woods, carbon fiber and other high-end materials. When you sit in a car that uses these premium materials you can see and feel the difference. 

Next time you’re considering a new vehicle, don’t focus solely on how it looks on the outside because what’s on the inside is what really matters. Of course, there is always the possibility that if your ride is too nice, you may never get out of it.