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Spring Break Travel Time is Fast Approaching! What’s One Thing You Should Never Forget?

Spring Break

In case you haven’t flipped your calendar to next month yet to look ahead, Spring Break travel dates are just around the corner!! I know that feeling all too well… “Wow, there’s SO MUCH on that checklist!” and panic sets in. One of the biggest things for travel is peace of mind, right? You want your trip to be smooth sailing, with your family arriving at your destination and back home safely. Examples of good surprises you’d be excited about might be: a huge whale pops up near your sightseeing boat… the storm holds off and you get the amazing photo of the sunset you dreamed of. And then there are surprises that can ruin your whole experience: the check engine light you’ve been ignoring suddenly strands you along the side of a busy interstate miles from anywhere… the exhaust leak you hadn’t noticed is now allowing dangerous fumes into your vehicle as you sit in traffic.

If you travel any amount at all, you may have already had one or more of these experiences. I recall a few of those myself as a child and young adult. Rewind to 1995… A young family with a new baby, excited to be traveling to spend time with family convening in Georgia at Christmas! Leaving after work on Friday, we had thought of everything. Or so we thought. We had all the baby stuff, clothes, gifts, maps (no GPS of course) and a borrowed van we didn’t get checked over. We hadn’t even gotten through WV and were having car problems. It was a struggle to get to our hotel and we started calling repair shops the next morning. On December 24. And shops were closing at Noon. One shop mercifully let us use a bay to make a temporary fix ourselves. It turned out, however, that multiple issues were in play. The catalytic converter was plugged, and we later realized the spark plug wires needed replaced. Not only was the van gutless, but every time we went through rain the engine died on the spot. Lesson learned? All of that stress and chaos was preventable!!

Our I-86 Vehicle Check-up is a digital multi-point vehicle inspection of all major safety systems and fluids. If our technician sees an issue, they make a recommendation as to whether it is a major safety concern, something to keep an eye on, or if things look good at this visit. Photos or videos are taken so you can see what is happening, and tech notes are included in the report that is texted to you. As your partner in car care, it’s really important for us to keep you informed! A short conversation with your Service Advisor will help prioritize items and address any questions you might have. You’ll receive estimates on each service or repair suggested to help you make financial decisions too.

An easy way to get one of those items off your checklist? One quick phone call to I-86 Truck & Auto Repair today!

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