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Smooth Operator: Your Car Suspension

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Have you ever been driving a car and felt like you were gliding on clouds because the ride was so smooth? You can thank the suspension for that. And if you have been in an automobile that feels stiff and bumpy when you’re driving, then you can blame the suspension for that. Your car’s suspension plays an important role in how it drives. Let's review the most common varieties of car suspensions.

Control Arm Suspension

The control arm suspension is assembled with the shock in the middle of two wishbone shaped arms. The control arm suspension is one of the shorter suspension systems. Because it’s shorter than many other suspensions, it's a great option for sports cars that are low to the ground and don’t have much clearance.

Solid/Live Axle Suspension

The solid/live axle suspension can make for a rough ride because it connects to two wheels at once so if one wheel hits a bump, it affects the other one. This is called a dependent suspension because both wheels are depending on each other to try to absorb the jolt. Solid/live axle suspensions are starting to be replaced by independent rear suspensions (IRS) that give a smoother ride.

Multi-link Suspension

The multi-link suspension layout is one of the most complicated suspension systems. Multi-link suspensions have multiple parts that link together to optimize ride quality and to absorb any bumps. Because multi-link systems use more parts than most suspensions, they can be one of the more expensive options, but the benefits are considerable. Multi-link suspensions deliver easy braking, more balanced acceleration, and smoother turning.

Air Suspension

Last on today’s list is air suspension. Air suspension technology is being adopted by more carmakers and may someday replace traditional suspension systems. Air suspension uses airbag-like technology to fill and deflate when driving. These systems offer an extremely comfortable ride but they are still very costly. As of this writing, standard air suspension is only available on high-end luxury cars. Of course, if you want to add it to a car with another type of suspension, you can probably do it for several thousand dollars.

Automotive engineers come up with new varieties of suspension systems and components all the time. No matter what type of suspension you have in your car, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring hundreds of miles of smooth performance. I-86 Truck & Auto Repair has trained skilled technicians that can expertly provide all of your suspension service and repair needs.