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Slow Down! Watch Out For These 8 Small Town Speed Traps

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Most Americans who have driven in rural areas are familiar with the shady "small town speed trap"— a stretch of road or relatively small location where local law enforcement unfairly targets drivers. Before we present our list, we want to assure you that I-86 Truck & Auto Repair does not advise motorists to travel at unsafe speeds. If you need quality automotive service, however, we invite you to drive safely to I-86 Truck & Auto Repair in Falconer and we will take care of you.

Here are 8 communities that warrant vigilant adherance to posted speed limits.

1. Waldo, Florida
Population 1,015

The community of Waldo straddles Highway 301 and covers a mere two square miles—but don't let its minuscule size fool you. The speed trap was deemed so nefarious that AAA decided to post warnings to auto owners. And the local police force (one officer?) does not have a reputation for mercy. A woman in labor reported that she was detained for more than a half hour after being nailed for speeding.

2. Cornersville, Tennessee
Population 1,000

"According to a state comptroller audit, the small town of 1,000 people, with roughly 200 homes, got about 50 percent of its revenue—nearly $250,000—from traffic citations, fines and fees."

3. St. Ann, Missouri
Population 13,020

The hustling St. Ann police force gloats of writing, on average, a ticket every hour, 24/7/365.

4. Mantua, Utah
Population 694

It is reported that one-third of the Mantua's $649,000 annual revenue comes from 2,000 hapless drivers nabbed for speeding on Highway 91 that runs through this very small Utah town.

5. Selma, Texas
Population 207

This small town procures about $168,000 annually from lead-footed drivers. If you do the math, you discover that this amounts to an amazing $800 for every resident.

6. Woodworth, Louisiana
Population 2,024

Though this community is infamous for its speed trap, apparently Woodworth police are expanding their repertoire of crafty sting techniques.

"Instead of stopping people for speeding, the new tactic is for the officer to sit on the side of the road with their lights flashing. If you do not get into the other lane, they stop you for improper passing an emergency vehicle."

7. Hopewell, Virginia
Population 22,196

"Hopewell's controversial 'million dollar mile' generated $1.6 million last year. It's the only program in the state to hire a dozen part-time workers to perform round-the-clock patrols on the interstate."

8. Haverford College, Pennsylvania
Population 48,498

With almost 50k residents, many individuals would consider this a medium-sized municipality, but due to its infamy, we decided to include it anyway.

The speed limit here is a curious 13 mph, which many automobiles can exceed while idling. The township has a history of being unapologetically open about planting a speed trap; the minutes of a 1965 city council meeting includes the following:

"A speed trap will be set up on Lawson Avenue to control speeding and requested press to publicize same.",%201965.pdf

Consider yourself warned.

Note: The population statistics listed are based either on the 2010 census or more recent estimates.