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Rough Road Ahead! The ugly truth about potholes and the damage to your vehicle.

When you're heading out the door to work or the store, do you plan your route based on road conditions? If not, then you probably haven’t driven down Second Street in Jamestown! Potholes all run together in strips now, with repair patches on top of patches from last year – they are impossible to miss! That’s the story all over the area… Falconer, Lakewood, Randolph, and Frewsburg. Potholes are a natural occurrence in our region with Winter freeze/thaw cycles, even when we’ve had a mild Winter.

Here are 6 types of damage that can occur to your vehicle as a result of potholes and severe road conditions:

  1. Suspension Damage: Potholes can impact the suspension system, leading to issues such as misalignment, bent or damaged control arms, and broken shocks or struts. This can result in a rough ride, uneven tire wear, and reduced stability.
  2. Tire Damage: Potholes can cause punctures, bulges, or sidewall damage to tires, leading to air leaks or blowouts. This can compromise the safety and performance of your vehicle.
  3. Wheel and Rim Damage: The impact of hitting a pothole can bend or crack wheels and rims, affecting the vehicle’s handling and causing vibration or steering issues.
  4. Alignment Problems: Potholes can knock the wheels out of alignment, causing the vehicle to pull to one side, uneven tire wear, and steering instability.
  5. Exhaust System Damage: Severe impacts from potholes can damage the exhaust system, including the muffler, pipes, and catalytic converter, leading to exhaust leaks and reduced engine performance.
  6. Undercarriage Damage: Potholes can also damage the undercarriage of the vehicle, including the transmission, oil pan, and other components, leading to leaks and mechanical problems.

Regular inspection of your vehicle for signs of damage and getting prompt repairs can help prevent further issues and ensure a safe and smooth driving experience. For example, in a very short time your tires can start to be eaten away by poor vehicle alignment from that last pothole you couldn’t avoid. Consider the current cost of a single replacement tire and installation fees, then multiply by 2 at minimum. Tire inspection and an alignment check is a small investment of time and money in comparison. Spring and Fall are the perfect time to be “car care aware”.

When you’re at our shop for an oil change or other service, I-86 Truck & Auto Repair performs a complimentary I-86 Vehicle Check-up including a visual inspection of major components at every service visit. The digital report you receive will categorize the findings – green for good, yellow for something to monitor, and red for a safety concern needing immediate attention. Photos are included, as well as tech notes, texted to your mobile phone for convenience. It’s always better to know the condition of your vehicle to prevent unwanted surprises, so reach out today to have our professional service staff be part of your Auto Care Team!

Ronda Whitford, Owner

I-86 Truck & Auto Repair