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Protect Your Car From These Bad Habits

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At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we understand that your car is a significant purchase. We can help you protect your investment by providing quality maintenance and repair services. Another way you can make sure your vehicle serves your transportation needs as long as possible is to avoid these bad habits.

Flooring it When the Light Turns Green

Okay, Mr. Earnhardt, you are not at Talladega. You don't need to floor it and push your car to the limit just to slow down at the next stoplight.

Junk in the Trunk

Do you keep a lot of stuff in your trunk that you don't need to haul around? You are stressing all those costly parts unnecessarily. (And your fuel efficiency takes a hit, as well.)

Riding Your Brakes

This can be a challenging habit to break (no pun intended) for extra cautious car owners. (And I've seen it become a point of contention between spouses.) If you only brake when required, you will not wear out your brakes prematurely.

Always Running on Empty

Think about how your fuel pump functions. It sucks fuel from your gas tank, right? What if it constantly has to be a bottom feeder, drinking in that little bit of fuel in the lowest part of your gas tank? When you fill up, there is a relatively low concentration of sediment, but this is reversed when you are down to just a few gallons. Your fuel pump never gets a break from sucking this dangerous gas/sediment mix. That's how to diminish the life of your fuel pump. (Also, it is wise to keep your tank as full as possible in the event that you get lost far away from a service station or break down in freezing temps and need to run the engine to stay warm while you wait for help.)

Ignoring Your Car's Distress Signal

Don't disregard your car's request for help. You risk letting a small problem become a big, costly trouble. If your check engine light is on, and you don't know why, give I-86 Truck & Auto Repair a call at 716-665-2501.