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Low-tech Theft Safeguards for Your Ride

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The auto industry is integrating more and more technology into our cars every year. But this doesn't mean that there aren't great low-tech solutions to car problems. A good example is theft protection. A simple, analog gadget just might be the tool you need to keep your automobile from falling into the hands of vehicle thieves.

Tire Locks

When you think of tire locks, you probably associate them with the dreaded "boot" used by police to immobilize illegally parked cars. You definitely don't want to see one on your car, it really ruins your day! But if you want to deter a criminal, tire locks can be your best friend. They are economical and easy to attach.

While using wheel locks every time you park your automobile might be a bit overkill, many auto owners utilize them if they park on the street overnight. Others find them useful when they will be out of town for a while, or for RVs or trailers that are not used often.

Steering Wheel Locks

Like the tire lock, steering wheel locks make it impossible for anybody to drive off in your car because they won't be able to steer it. Most are designed like a long bat that secures inside of the wheel and extends beyond it. The extended part will hit the vehicle ceiling or the seat as the wheel is turned, thus limiting the mobility of the steering wheel to less than 180 degrees.

Another design attaches from the steering wheel down to the pedals. This restricts the wheel completely.

Hood Locks

In some areas of the country rates of automobile theft are low, but theft of automobile parts is high. Batteries are especially valuable because many automotive service centers will allow you to turn a battery in for cash, no questions asked (unfortunately). A low-tech hood lock will safeguard your internal parts.

If you have any questions about theft prevention devices for your car, we here at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair would be happy to answer them. Keeping your vehicle safe and running well is our mission; give us a call at 716-665-2501.