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Is Certified Pre-Owned a Scam?

what is a certified pre-owned car Falconer

A few years ago, car dealers in Falconer began offering "certified pre-owned" (CPO) cars. Some individuals assumed that it was just a fancy new name for "used." It does sound like marketing spin. As it turns out, a certified pre-owned car really is different from a standard used vehicle.

The History of the CPO Program

When leasing became popular, dealers ended up with a lot of newer automobiles with low mileage. Instead of putting these like-new cars on the auction market, they recognized a lucrative new market.

To earn the certification, the automobile must pass a rigorous comprehensive inspection. The standards vary and are usually set by the automobile manufacturers. Then they are reconditioned to like-new status.

Carmakers frequently offer a warranty similar to that of a new car. Some CPO warranties include ongoing maintenance and other extras. Dealers also provide low interest rates for CPO financing.

As you can see, CPO autos fit into a niche between used cars and new cars.

Is A CPO Car For You?

Shopping for a car? Are new automobiles too expensive? Are you worried that a used car will turn out to be a lemon? If you have the budget for a newer-model car, it is beneficial to explore your CPO options.

CPO cars are sold by their brand dealers. For example, if you want a CPO Toyota, you need to go to a Toyota dealer. You can't find them at independent used-car lots.

To properly maintain your automobile—whether new, CPO, or used—you need a reliable repair shop. You can count on the team of specialists at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair in Falconer.