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Increase MPG With Tips From Hypermilers

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When it comes to increasing fuel economy, hypermilers have made it a lifestyle. While some of their methods are extreme by most peoples' standards, car owners seeking to spend less at the pump can learn a lot from them.

Hypermiling is a term coined by fuel-efficient driving World Record holder Wayne Gerdes, a man who can squeeze an unheard-of number of miles out of tank of gas. Here are some of the fuel economy tips you can use to increase your fuel economy.

Regular Maintenance

Even a dirty air filter can decrease fuel economy. Your technician at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair can help you set up a schedule for oil changes, air filter replacement, spark plugs, and other recommended services that will not only boost fuel efficiency, they will prevent the need for repairs.

Slow Down, Minimize Braking, Keep a Steady Speed

If you brake continually, mash the gas pedal when the light turns green, and routinely drive 10 MPH over the speed limit, radically changing your habits will require full concentration and a lot of effort. Cruise control is your friend—if you keep to a slow, steady speed as you drive, it will pay off in spades.

Choose a Car With Standard Transmission

Automatic transmissions have been dominant for so long, some younger drivers have never even seen, let alone driven, a stick shift. If you are serious about increasing fuel economy, sell your current automobile and find a standard transmission.

Keep the A/C Off

Some older drivers remember how to stay cool before most automobiles had A/C. Opening the windows, however, will make you less aerodynamic and negate the MPG increase of keeping the A/C turned off. This one takes some planning if you are going on a long road trip. You could start with an insulated cooler full of ice and a spray bottle. A battery-powered portable fan would also help.

Maintain Correct Tire Pressure

Many motorists forget this one. If you aren't sure exactly what pressure your tires should be filled to, swing by I-86 Truck & Auto Repair on 1739 Lindquist Drive in Falconer and we will take care of your tires and get you on your way.

Shed Some Pounds

Many individuals have a roof or rear rack or a trunk full of stuff they really don't need to haul around. The child safety seat you only need a couple times a week, athletic equipment, boxes of clothing you meant to drop off at the Goodwill, the bag of mulch you are going to spread in the flowerbed when you get around to it. You get the idea.

Wayne Gerdes is not only committed to beating the manufacturer's MPG ratings for the vehicles he reviews on his website, he is passionate about inspiring our nation's drivers to collectively reduce CO2 emissions and lessen US dependence on foreign oil.

The Discovery Channel show Mythbusters performed some hypermiling experiments that resulted in impressive fuel savings. You can read about it here: