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I-86 Truck & Auto Repair Car Talk: Who Owns Who?

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The 21st century automotive ruling class contains as many intermarriages as 19th century European aristocracy. Take Toyota, for example. They actually own Lexus and Scion, so next time you climb into a posh Lexus, look a little closer and you may see some design cues inspired by Toyota. Let’s explore some other manufacturers that are related to each other.

When you hear "Volkswagen," what do you picture in your mind? Many New York drivers think of German-engineered cars at an affordable price. But when you think of high-end Porsche, Audi, and Bentley, you probably envision some of the most opulent automobiles on the road. But you may be surprised to hear that Volkswagen owns all three of those brands and more. Namely, Lamborghini and Bugatti, both of which have designed unbelievable sports cars that belong in a class of their own. Volkswagen Group is the most diverse auto manufacturer on the earth. They sell just about any type of vehicle imaginable, from affordable little runabouts to super cars that cost millions of dollars.

Volkswagen has certainly advanced significantly since introducing the world to the unpretentious little Beetle over 70 years ago.

BMW is another celebrated car maker that has become a leading luxury brand. But this German company also owns two other brands that are as unique in their own ways. Mini and Rolls-Royce are both owned by BMW.

Ever heard of Daimler AG? Probably not. Ever heard of Mercedes-Benz? Most likely. Actually, Daimler AG is the owner of Mercedes-Benz and Smart Cars. Since Mercedes-Benz is a highly successful brand, that may be why Daimler AG allows them to operate so independently.

With all the mergers and acquisitions in the global auto industry, the line between "foreign" and "domestic" has been blurred beyond recognition. Many of the cars built in America are owned by foreign-based businesses and, in addition, have multiple overseas-sourced parts.

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