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Hydrophobic Windshield Coating Improves Visibility

If you've ever been caught in a downpour while behind the wheel you know how perilous it can be. Your visibility is compromised while road conditions become dangerously slippery.

There are some preventative treatments you can take to help keep your windshield clear during torrential rain or wet snow. The first is to have reliable wiper blades and the second is to apply a hydrophobic glass coating.

Just as the name describes, hydrophobic glass repels water. Windshields treated with this sealant cause water to bead up more quickly so it doesn't block your view of the pavement and the traffic around you.

Hydrophobic glass coating not only helps when visibility is obstructed, it can increase the life of windshield wiper blades. It does this by minimizing the workload and smoothing out any imperfections in the glass. This curtails the friction your blades encounter.

Some auto owners use hydrophobic coating mainly because of its self-cleaning properties.

Another windshield coating that some car owners use is a hydrophilic coating. This coating pushes the water off in sheets and can chemically break down dirty water when it is exposed to the sun. This results in less grime left on your windshield. Hydrophilic coatings, however, will not improve your view of the road during a thunderstorm. That is why many auto owners choose hydrophobic coatings.

There is a range of prices for hydrophobic coating. DIY brands run anywhere between $50-$200. The effectiveness of the more affordable brands is the same as higher priced brands, but the coatings do not last as long and will wear off earlier.

Having a professional apply the coating will ensure that it is done properly, will be more effective, and last longer. Call I-86 Truck & Auto Repair for details about windshield coating services. Professional treatments are usually worth the extra cost. Do your vehicle (and yourself) a favor and apply some hydrophobic coating to your windshield.