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Have To Park On The Street?

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Garages are great for those motorists lucky enough to have them. We use them to store old athletic equipment, Christmas decorations, bikes, and some folks even manage to park their cars in them! However, not all drivers have the option of parking in a garage. Street parking can leave your car vulnerable to the natural elements, thieves, and other vehicles. Thankfully, there are many ways you can safeguard your vehicle, truck, or van from these dangers.

To limit the effects of the elements, carports and car covers are effective options. Carports will shield your car from direct sunlight as well as hail, and if you live where it snows the carport will save you time since you won't have to scrape your windows every day. For homeowners, or those with generous landlords, having a carport can be a valuable advantage. Consider this when comparing places to rent.

A car cover is an option for those who are forced to park their vehicle on the street or in an unprotected lot. The cover will provide protection from the weather and will even help keep the vehicle clean! Plus, a cover can serve as a deterrent to thieves since they can't see the interior of the automobile, and the time it takes to detach the cover makes being caught more likely. If you are interested in a car cover, visit us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair and we can help you select the best type for your model of vehicle.

Paying a little more attention to where and how you park will also help protect your vehicle. Park as close as possible to your home at night and look for well-lit areas. During the day, try to park in shaded areas to curtail sun exposure on your vehicle. And remember that wherever and whenever you park, give yourself sufficient room between automobiles to avoid door dings and the like.

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we offer another kind of important protection for your automotive investment: quality scheduled auto maintenance. Call 716-665-2501 to make an appointment for your next service. Not sure of your automaker's recommended service schedule? No worries. We will advise you on the optimal service intervals even if you haven't observed them in the past. Let's get you back on track.