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Five Quick Tips for Driving in a Foreign Country

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Millions of people travel to foreign countries each year for vacation, business, or other reasons. At some point in most people’s travels, they will have the need for a car. In this message we’re going to give you a few recommendations for when it’s your turn to journey to a foreign land with different road rules and regulations.

1. Right or Left?

Let's start at the most fundamental level. Know which side of the road they drive on! If you are used to US roads, you might be surprised at how many countries drive on the left side of the road. This also changes the configuration of the car so the driver can sit on the right side instead of the left. Google your destination ahead of time so you can start wrapping your mind around your temporary driving reality.

2. Know the Road Signs

The next tip is to try to become familiar with the road signs ahead of time. While many road signs are universal, some look dramatically different depending on where you’re traveling to. It could save you a fine or an accident if you jump on the internet beforehand to find out what common road signs look like in the area. This is especially beneficial if you’re going to a country with a different language.

3. Know the Speed Limits

European countries, especially, have sneaky ways to catch speeders. Just because you don't see police cars on the roads, don't presume you can slam the gas pedal. You could receive a ticket by mail months after your trip, or notice an extra charge on the credit card you used to rent the auto.

4. Research the Local Taxi Services

Sometimes renting your own auto can be a major inconvenience and if you don’t know your way around, it can make traveling quite aggravating. If you become familiar with the taxi services, it can be a simpler option for transport. Taxi businesses like Lyft and Uber are expanding to more international locations and cab drivers usually know their way around because they’re the pros!

5. Talk to Someone Who Has Driven There

One tip that many travelers have benefited from is to meet with men and women who have driven in the country to which you will be traveling. Hearing from people who’ve already experienced driving there can make a huge difference because they’ll be able to give you far more details than anyone else. If you don’t know someone who’s been there, try reaching out to travel agents or the information receptionist at the hotel. He or she who would probably be happy to guide you on driving in their country.

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