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Falconer Auto Tips: Engine Rebuilds

engine rebuilds Falconer

Hearing that their car needs a new engine is not something that any Falconer driver wants to hear but it’s not something that can be ignored. Today we want to review the different types of replacement engines available.

What Are My Options?

Crate Engines
These engines are engineered using high-quality parts and are as close to new as you can get. They come ready to run immediately after they are installed in the automobile.

Remanufactured or Reconditioned Engines
With remanufacturing, all used and worn parts are interchanged resulting in an engine that meets the initial factory specifications. Certified "remanufactured" engines have a higher standard than "reconditioned" engines, though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Essentially, a remanufactured engine is manufactured to function as long as the initial engine. A reconditioned engine has been disassembled and cleaned and had damaged and worn parts replaced.

You may be asking if it is smarter to just purchase a new auto. If other parts of your vehicle are not mechanically sound, the body has rust, or you don't want to drive your car for several more years, we would not counsel a rebuild. But a rebuilt engine offers many advantages.

An engine rebuild is usually substantially less expensive than buying a new car and also delivers a savings on the taxes, licensing fees, and higher insurance rates required with a new purchase.

If you’re car savvy and have mechanical ability, an engine rebuild can actually be a DIY project. But we recommend coming to us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair. We can further highlight your choices (such as warranty considerations) and give you expert guidance on the pros and cons of each type of replacement engine. The rebuilt engines we source for our clients meet exacting standards and we know what types of components are used. Falconer DIYers who purchase crate or rebuilt engines on the internet or elsewhere are at risk of receiving inferior parts.