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Exhaust System FAQs

What does my exhaust system do?

1. Transfer the gases from your motor out of the engine compartment to cool your engine and protect the passenger compartment from toxins.
2. Mute engine noises.
3. Reduce harmful emissions by converting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons into oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

How does a muffler work?

A muffler is manufactured with many chambers and tubes. When highly pressurized gases are forced into the muffler, they lose energy. The sound vibrations also cancel one another out as they bump around the maze of baffles and tubes.

Do I need to do routine exhaust system service?

Yes. Check your owner's manual for exhaust service guidelines or call I-86 Truck & Auto Repair at 716-665-2501. A service technician will counsel you on appropriate service intervals.

What are the warning signs of a problem in my exhaust system?

Strange noises: clunking, knocking, etc.
A noticeable decline in MPG
A change in the color of exhaust released
Rough idling

What does CARB mean?

CARB stands for the California Air Resource Board. This agency establishes vehicle emissions levels for the state of California. Automakers use CARB guidelines for most exhaust systems marketed and used in the United States. "CARB-Certified" exhaust systems, headers, and catalytic converters will most likely be legal in all U.S. states. As of this writing, the Trump administration was proposing weakened emission standards.