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Electric Cars Are Charging Ahead

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Often we hear of proposed innovations and futuristic ideas and wonder if we will live to see it happen. Now, one of these once-outlandish concepts has turned into a reality. Tesla Motors has created self-driving, electric production cars that are available to the masses. Not only have they been innovators in the electric car industry but they’re now shaking up the global auto industry as a whole.

Tesla is now the highest valued automaker in the nation with a valuation of $50.887 billion.

With its dramatic success, Tesla has now eclipsed GM and Ford which have been the rulers for years. So what has Tesla brought about to get them to this point?

They started with the Tesla roadster which was a two-door sports car that was able to travel 244 miles on a single charge using rechargeable lithium ion batteries. From there they knew that they’d need to manufacture automobiles that would be more practical than a sports car if they wanted to flourish.

In 2012, they unveiled the Models S which was a four-door sedan that has become its most popular car on the road today. The Model S was followed up by the Model X which is Tesla’s SUV. These cars run 100% on electricity and as the years have gone by, Tesla has made their autos zippier, smarter, and more economical.

Tesla hasn’t stopped advancing. CEO Elon Musk wants to continue to make electric autos available to everyone and that’s why he’s introduced the Model 3. The Model 3 will be the most affordable Tesla to date, starting at $35,000 before incentives. This is a substantial change for Tesla because the Model S starts at $68,000 before incentives and the Model X at $85,000 before incentives. The Model 3 will most likely be the best selling automobile for Tesla because it delivers numerous advanced technologies at a more affordable price.

If you’re looking to invest in an automotive company, you might want to look at Tesla. If you’re looking to get service for your current vehicle, we’d recommend relying on I-86 Truck & Auto Repair for your excellent automotive service and repair in Falconer.