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Does Car Color Reflect Your Personality?

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Have you done any research into color psychology? You may have heard that red interiors in restaurants can energize diners' appetites and that pastels can be soothing. Colors affect our emotions, behavior, and actual physiological processes such as heart rate and the release of adrenaline.

Color also impacts our buying decisions. For most auto owners, a vehicle is a big-ticket purchase, the most expensive investment besides their house, and they spend a lot of time deciding on which one to buy. Some buyers say that color has no influence on their choice, and others consider the color of the car a very important factor.

What do psychologists say car color reveals about the owner? The following list could indicate owner personality traits or qualities they value.

  • White: Organized, analytical, tolerant, objective, desires respect.
  • Blue: Reliable, sensitive, stable, neat, exacting, credible.
  • Yellow: Spontaneous, extroverted, analytical, fun-loving, optimistic.
  • Green: Straightforward, self-reliant, devoted, affectionate, care about what others think of them.
  • Purple: Respectful of other people, inventive, individualistic, can be arrogant.
  • Red: Leader, tenacious, sensual, energetic, ambitious, wants to be right.
  • Black: Elegant, powerful, confident, classic.
  • Gray: Sober, utilitarian, organized, inventive.
  • Orange: Warm, inventive, friendly, complex, flamboyant, congenial.
  • Brown: Unique, amiable, authoritative, reliable.
  • Beige: Natural, down-to-earth, straightforward.


  • Silver: Understated elegance, emotional, magnanimous, futuristic, prestigious.
  • Gold: Successful, opulent, extravagant, status-conscious.
  • Pearl: Glamorous, sophisticated, passionate.

When you bought your car, there probably wasn't this many colors to choose from. But perhaps when you read the traits associated with your favorite color, you recognize yourself. Regardless of the shade of your ride, at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, two of our personality traits are attention to detail and dedication to quality auto repair and maintenance. If you would like to experience our uncommon level of service, we invite you to call us at 716-665-2501.