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Connected Cars Pose Privacy Concerns for Drivers

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Technology has touched every aspect of modern life. And the pace of innovation seems to speed up every year. In the foreseeable future, there will probably be a new iPhone released every week.

Of course the auto industry is moving forward as well. Even economy automobiles have features like rearview cameras and high-end infotainment systems.

Car Connectivity Is Transforming Auto Travel

One innovation that is transforming driving is the ability of cars to connect to the internet. This technology brings all sorts of benefits to the driver. Route optimization saves car owners time and fuel costs. Online diagnostics detect problems before major (expensive) systems are compromised. Accident prevention systems offer the greatest benefit as they can actually save lives.

What are the implications of all this data being transferred and collected? Who owns it? Who has access to it? How can it be weaponized?

In the case of an accident, can police officers have access to collected data? How about auto insurers?

It has been demonstrated in simulations that hackers can take control of a vehicle through its connectivity features. Consider the circumstances where vehicle thieves don't even need to enter a vehicle to steal it. It is probably already happening.

Privacy Laws Are Inadequate

When you consider the potential harm, it could lead a driver to stick with their trusty low-tech 2001 Accord forever. One thing is certain: US privacy laws are currently not equipped to protect drivers from the misuse of automobile-collected data.

"I'll Take The Unconnected Model"

Will automakers keep some models unconnected? There is probably a market for people who want to protect themselves from a data breach that could ruin their life. Or maybe they simply don't want their infotainment systems blasting targeted ads based on their internet browsing history.

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