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Clear The Air: Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

cabin air filter Falconer

The cabin air filter, once only found in luxury vehicles, is now an important part of the majority of late-model cars. Air that enters the inside of the car though the ventilation, heating, and AC systems passes through the cabin air filter (or filters, depending on the vehicle). The filter captures various airborne particles such as pollen and dust through mechanical means, and a layer of charcoal helps eliminate odors.

How Often Should I Replace It?

Many auto owners wonder how often their cabin air filter should be replaced. Most manufacturers recommend replacement every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, however, the air quality where you live is also a consideration. More pollution requires more frequent replacement of this filter, but that doesn't mean that only drivers in smoggy cities need to review the filter more frequently. Dusty environments, such as desert or farmland, will also cause the filter to clog faster.

Signs Your Filter Needs To Be Replaced

One signal that your cabin air filter needs to be replaced is a reduction in the air flow from your heating or air conditioning system. If you turn up the fan and hear a lot of noise without a lot of air flow, chances are that the filter needs to be changed. An unpleasant odor is another telltale tip-off that the cabin air filter has reached the end of its usefulness (or a lingering reminder that you drove the soccer carpool yesterday).

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