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Car Talk: How Smart Can a Car Be?

smart car repair Falconer

When it comes to new products, "smart" is the new must-have feature for many New York people. Smart homes, smartphones, smart televisions and so on, but what about smart cars? How smart can a car be?

What if I told you that there is an automobile that can park itself, has semi-autonomous driving, and is 100% electric?

Sounds like it’s from the future, but these are a few of the many characteristics that Tesla offers in their today! Let’s focus on possibly the smartest cars on Falconer roads today.

As of this writing, there are two Tesla models available in New York and a third to be released next year. The two available models are the Model S, a luxury sedan and the Model X, a luxury SUV. Both models share much of the same technology including a huge 17 inch touchscreen to manage things such as the GPS navigation, music, A/C controls, and view energy consumption. Say goodbye to the gas pump because they function 100% on electricity and some models have a range over 300 miles per full charge! That would cover most Jamestown area commutes.

One innovative feature is what Tesla calls “AutoPilot” which is basically self-explanatory. Using radar, cameras, and sensors, AutoPilot permits the driver to do nothing more than hold onto the steering wheel while the automobile drives itself. Its radar and cameras update information in real time so it can adjust to the road correctly. AutoPilot can even scan around for a parking space and then proceed to park itself. (That's a relief for motorists who would rather drive around the block five times rather than parallel park.)

New York Tesla drivers don't have to buy a new model to stay up-to-date with new features because they actually push software updates right to your car's computer. Software updates allow you to "trade-in" your car for a newer model without you having to do anything!

Unless you drive a Tesla, your automobile might seem positively unintelligent, but you can make the smart determination and bring your car into I-86 Truck & Auto Repair to make sure it’s operating as smart as possible.