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Car Insurance: Who Decides How Much You Pay?

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Getting the best deal on vehicle insurance is an issue for every driver. With the internet, it is fairly effortless to compare rates between companies. But how exactly are those rates determined? It turns out that a variety of factors play into what amount you'll end up paying each month.

Driving Record

It should come as no surprise that your past driving record is a major aspect of your insurance rate. Speeding tickets and past insurance claims are all on record and are accessed by insurance companies. It really does pay to make car safety and responsible driving a priority!

Your Vehicle

The value of your automobile, as well as the cost to fix it (or even replace it), will affect your insurance rate. This can be important when you are car shopping because cars that have high scores in crash tests will usually qualify for lower rates. And if you are upgrading to a newer vehicle, remember to budget for the increase in your insurance you'll experience, not just the monthly car loan payment.


Less time on the road means less chance of a crash. That's why you'll be asked to estimate your annual mileage when you apply for insurance. It's also an incredible reason to look for opportunities to ride share and combine automobile trips.

Location, Location, Location

Where you live and drive is going to impact your insurance rates. If you are in an area where automobiles are often stolen and auto insurance claims are high, you will have to pay more to insure your auto.

Mind The Gap

If you've had gaps in your insurance coverage, you are considered riskier to insure. Men and women should avoid having any lapses in their insurance, even if they are small.

Comparing insurance rates is a beneficial thing to do when you are looking to save a little money. And now that you understand how your rate is determined by these companies, you can make changes that will result in savings.

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