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Car Bling That Won't Break the Bank

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The home remodeling trend seems to get bigger and bigger each year, as is evidenced by the growing number of magazines, television shows and even entire networks devoted to the subject. But not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to throw down on an open concept kitchen, no matter how easy and affordable the shows make it appear.

That doesn't mean that you can't get artistic with other spaces in your life. If you are itching to stamp your personal style onto a prized possession, look no further than your car. There are numerous products that allow you to customize your ride at very little cost.

Seat Covers

A great way to add color and texture to the interior of your automobile is with seat covers. You can find a large assortment of prints and colors no matter the type of seat you need it for. Seat covers can also be very practical since they can be removed and cleaned so easily, and you can pick material that is comfortable for whatever climate you live in. Sheepskin is popular in cold areas or just during winter months, and mesh can help car owners stay cool when it's hot outside.

Shift Knobs

Want to celebrate your standard transmission? Then find a special knob to top your gear shift. There's always the classic hand-stitched leather look, but for those who want to fly their nerd flag high and proud, look for a cap that resembles your cherished comic book character. You can even make your stick shift look like the hilt of a samurai sword!

Steering Wheel Covers

The steering wheel is a great place to add a little cost-effective bling such as a rhinestone-studded cover. Faux fur is also a colorful and fun option that will leave your hands warm and happy after each journey. Want to improve your grip too? Silicone anti-slip covers come in a variety of colors.

Car Molding Strip

For those drivers with a bit of a DIY streak in them, look to decorative moulding strips. These flexible PVC strips can add lines of color when you fit them into the spaces in your automobile's interior, such as between the dash board and the radio. Added benefit: no more dirt and gunk building up in those cracks!

Dashboard Mat

These useful gadgets can do more than just keep your phone from sliding around, they can also be a major statement piece. Just like mouse pads, these mats can be printed with national flags, logos, camouflage, colorful patterns, you name it!

You make it yours, and the team at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair will make sure it's always operating in top condition with quality automotive service and repair.