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Can You Guess the Auto Emblem?

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Auto company symbols are not just creative representations, they may also hold some history of the automaker itself. See if you can guess the automobile company responsible for the following emblems.

Emblem Description: A women leaning forward. The garment billowing behind her looks a lot like wings.

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the official name of this Rolls Royce emblem. (The double "R" emblem would have been too easy.)British model and secretary Eleanor Thornton was the inspiration for this classic sculpture. She was the personal secretary of Baron John Scott Montagu. He was a friend of co-founder Charles Rolls. Miss Thornton and Montagu were on a ship in the Mediterranean when they were torpedoed by a German U-boat. Thornton drowned but Montagu survived.

Emblem Description: A red ram’s head inside of a red pentagon.

Can you picture it? Dodge motors introduced this ram-inspired insignia. A popular origin story goes like this: back in the 1920’s, the ram’s head was put on radiator caps, and Walter P. Chrysler was told people would always think to “dodge!” when they encountered a wild ram. 

Emblem Description: Three silver ovals, two that are arranged to form the first letter of the automaker’s name

The oval placement no only looks like the “T” in Toyota, but the company explains that the emblem also illustrates a core value. The overlapping ovals signify trusted relationships.

Emblem Description: A black ring with two blue and two white triangles inside.

This logo for BMW was originally designed in 1917 to represent the Bavarian state colors. However, subsequently someone pointed out that it resembled a propeller. Since BMW originated as an aircraft manufacturer, this reinterpretation of the emblem was deemed appropriate.

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