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Best Car Accessories For People With Kids

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Play groups, soccer practice, preschool, doctor appointments, trips to grandma's house, music lessons. Shouldn't every parent earn their chauffeur's license with all of this kid shuttling? Thankfully, there are many terrific products that can make the time you spend in the car more enjoyable for the whole family.

Sun Shades

Keeping your child safely secured in a car seat or booster seat is a no-brainer, but have you ever thought of how little movement they have once they are strapped in? And if the sun is just right in the sky, your kiddie might not be able to change their position enough to avoid bright light in their eyes and heat on their skin. How uncomfortable! But side window sunshades can keep your child cool and relaxed. They block out the sun's rays without compromising visibility for the driver.

Travel Trays

Drivers should never turn around to help out in the backseat while the car is moving, so it's vital that kids can keep their toys or snacks secure. Travel trays rest on a child's lap and are specially designed with a raised rim that can corral crayons and contain Cheerios. Their semi-rigid construction allows for lots of different activities without the potential danger of hard surfaces.

Baby Car Seat Mirror

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that little ones stay in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2 or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. Baby rear-facing car seat mirrors attach to the rear seat headrest and allow you to see your child's face while you drive.

Head Rest Hooks And Organizers

Keeping the family car tidy and organized seems like a losing battle, but there are some inventive gadgets to help out. Headrest hangers turn the back of seats into a perfect place to hang a backpack or a gym bag. There are also organizers on the market that sling to the headrest. They have pockets for toys, snacks, iPads, markers, baby wipes, you name it!

Trash Cans

Speaking of keeping clean, a plastic grocery bag flopping around on the floor rarely does the trick. Instead, look for a rigid or semi-rigid container that closes after you put the garbage inside. Some are even designed to connect to the back of the console or behind a seat.

Backup Cameras

With little ones playing in and around the house, nobody wants to back up their automobile without being 100% sure it is clear. If your car doesn't have a backup camera, look into having an after-market one installed. They are surprisingly cost-effective and the peace of mind they offer is invaluable.

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