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Auto Fun: Have You Ever Done Something Crazy to Avoid a Ticket?

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It seems like you always get caught speeding at the worst time possible; racing through downtown Falconer to pick up the kids from school, running a red light because you’re late to a key meeting, or heading to the airport when you are about to miss your flight. 

The flashing lights in the rearview mirror are always a dreaded sight and most of the time indicate that a fine is coming your way. Today's article includes some stories of men and women going to extremes to try to get out of a ticket.

One man got stopped for simply not wearing his seatbelt. The officers who stopped the man didn’t know what was coming next.

The man got out of his auto and started serenading the officer. His song included a plea to issue a warning instead of a traffic ticket.

The officer showed mercy and spared him the fine. The man filmed it all on his phone with a selfie stick. I guess you could try this yourself if you feel like you have the voice of an angel.

Another man took things too far. After being pulled over for speeding, he promptly grabbed his phone and called 911 to report a shooting in hopes that the police officer would leave to respond to the fictitious call before writing a fine. Instead, other officers were sent to the scene, and police swiftly found out that the man being pulled over was the one who made the call. (Apparently he didn't realize that his location could be traced to his phone.)

Instead of receiving a $200 speeding ticket, the man was charged with a felony and sentenced to prison time.

A 43-year-old woman without a current driver's permit got pulled over.

Posing as her 22-year-old daughter, she lied to the officer and told him that she suffered from a rare aging disease.

The officer was smart enough not to fall for that and after digging deeper, discovered that she was driving with a suspended license. We don’t recommend assuming another's identity in any situation.

The best way to avoid a fine on New York roads is to simply observe the speed limit and all traffic signs. But sometimes you can get stopped for things not managing properly such as a burned-out headlight or non-functioning blinker. Whatever it is, at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair we will fix you up.