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Auto Fun: Automatic or Manual Transmission?

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Do you prefer the ease of turning your car on, putting it in drive, and being able to get on your way with an automatic transmission? Or are you someone who enjoys the interactive experience of shifting into each gear with a manual transmission?

Automatic transmissions are typically the more popular option these days among Falconer motorists, but there are still men and women out there who love their stick shifts.

Let’s briefly consider the merits of each.

Let the Computer Do the Shifting
Automatic transmissions are much easier to drive due to two main reasons. First is that there are no clutch pedals to press while you shift gears, and second is that there is no stick shift. Once you put the auto into drive, you’re free to cruise around while the transmission automatically shifts your vehicle into the proper gear. All you have to do is focus on the road, brake and accelerate, and of course, steer.

...Or Not 
Manual transmissions are somewhat more complicated and require some learning but can deliver a much more engaging driving experience.

With a manual you have to press in the clutch, know which gear to shift to, ease off the gas pedal, engage the gear, and ease back on the gas pedal - all in one fluid motion.

This process requires the participation of both hands and both feet, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes routine. Manual transmissions force the driver to be far more involved and many Falconer motorists find that pleasurable. (If you like to pretend you are doing 200 at Talladega, it is much easier when you are emphatically shifting through those gears!)

Whether you have to manually shift or if your vehicle does the shifting for you, trust in I-86 Truck & Auto Repair to make sure your transmission is in prime condition. To schedule a transmission service, call 716-665-2501.