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Are You Ready To Embrace Autonomous Driving?

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Even if you don't live in an area where autonomous vehicles are being tested, you have probably heard a lot about them.

With all the publicity—both negative and positive—about autonomous technology, some Americans wonder if their fellow citizens are completely on board. Since it's a frequent topic of conversation, we looked into it.

The Public Has Not Embraced Them Yet

A recent survey by CareId (an automotive marketing company), found that not all Americans are sure about them.

We Still Like to Drive Ourselves

The survey found 75% of respondents would prefer to drive themselves than be transported in an autonomous car. Furthermore, if they were using autonomous transport, 64% would rather own the vehicle rather than hire it.

Recent Fatalities

Pedestrian Elaine Herzberg was struck and killed by a semi-autonomous vehicle in Arizona in March 2018. That same month, the driver of a Tesla Model X died after the car crashed and caught on fire. Tesla confirmed that the car was on the autopilot setting when the accident occurred.

Will They Be Safer?

Despite these tragedies, proponents argue that self-driving cars will make our roads much safer. Some even predict a future with zero vehicle fatalities.

Did the survey respondents believe this? 55% said autonomous technology will lower but not eliminate accidents. 24% believe the accident, injury, and fatality rates will remain the same. 51% said they would feel "somewhat" or "very" unsafe riding in an autonomous car.

Should The Government Get Involved?

When it comes to autonomous automobiles, the survey respondents favored government regulation almost 2 to 1.

Are You Ready For Them?

How do you feel about autonomous cars? Are you as nervous as some of your fellow drivers? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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