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Are You Prepared?

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Welcome to the I-86 Truck & Auto Repair blog. Since you are visiting an automotive repair center website, we will assume that you own a car. For most of us, our car is our principal mode of transportation and rarely does a day go by that we don’t use our cars to get somewhere. Because we spend so much time in our cars, it is wise to be prepared for anything, especially emergencies.

Do you have the needed items in your auto to care for yourself, your passengers, and your car in the case of an emergency? If not, hopefully this post can give you some tips for getting your car ready for anything.

First Aid Kit

The first thing that we counsel is a first aid kit. We usually have first aid kits in our homes, take them out for camping trips or sporting events, but not everyone carries one in their automobile. There are many different travel sized kits that can slide under a seat or fit into a glove box.

Spare Tire

Next is a spare tire. (We are talking about an actual spare tire, not the one that many of us keep permanently attached to our belly.) Getting a flat tire is one of the most common car issues and you never know when you might get one. Your car should have come with a spare tire, but if it didn't, we advise going to your dealership or nearest tire shop to see what options you have. If your car does have a spare tire, you’ll want to make sure you know how to get to it and have the tools to uninstall the flat tire and install the spare. We have noticed that some stock jacks are woefully inadequate. Give yours a test in the comfort of your garage so you know if it would pass the test if you were stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard. If it is too wimpy, switch it out with one that is easy to operate and strong enough to lift your car.


Smart documents to keep in your car are your insurance card, owner’s manual, and the contact information for your local mechanic. These might seem like obvious items, but you’d be surprised at how many auto owners don’t have these available when they need them. Your insurance card is important in case of an accident and your owner’s manual can help you diagnose and fix issues. I know that some individuals use their cell phone to access owner's manuals or repair forums online, but you can't always count on internet access and a charged phone battery.

Your automotive repair shop probably offers a towing service or could recommend one if your car does break down. If you are looking for an honest, highly-trained team of automotive professionals in Falconer, we welcome you to I-86 Truck & Auto Repair. We offer quality, timely service, and fair prices.

These recommendations may seem trivial, but they can save you big time in an emergency. I-86 Truck & Auto Repair recommends that you take a half hour and make sure your auto is equipped with these essential items. Being prepared brings peace of mind.