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Are Electric Vehicles Really Better?

pros and cons of electric vehicles Falconer

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we are seeing more all-electric vehicles. Which leads us to today's topic of discussion: the benefits and drawbacks of EVs.

Pro: Electric automobiles have a lot of low-end torque. Because they’re not prone to overheating, you can run them hard every day. Which makes them prime for stop-and-go traffic. And they are super quiet which most men and women appreciate.

Con: Learn to take everything with a grain of salt, because regardless of the oft-mentioned advantages, they have a limited range. Though new EVs have a longer range, some drivers report "range anxiety." Hard-core EV proponents dismiss this psychological downside-after all, many can now go 100 miles between charges. But if you are an overly-nervous person, be sure to take this possibility into account. Your lifestyle also plays a factor. If you have an unpredictable, but critical daily timetable, an electric automobile may hamper your flexibility. (Like if you're a pet psychic who makes emergency house calls.)

Pro: Which brings us to our next point, wouldn’t it be great to never have to go to a gas station again? With a rechargeable auto, you just have to plug it in at night. But then, again, you have to plug it in at night. It's a lot like your cell phone, but you can charge your cell phone in a car charger while driving.

Con: Our next grain of salt is that it takes hours to recharge. An electric automobile would not be smart to take on a road trip, because you’d have to stop and recharge continually, and portable chargers can get pretty costly. As more charging stations are built, and automakers shorten the time it takes, this will be less of a headache.

Con: Electric cars cost $25-40K, whereas gas automobiles lease for $199 a month on the low end.

Pro: Are electric vehicles really more environmentally-responsible than their gas counterparts? If you get a rush from feeling eco-virtuous every time you climb into your vehicle, this is your automotive drug of choice. You can cruise around Falconer without polluting the air and pat yourself on the back for breaking your dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. (Try not to worry about the cancer-causing sulphur dioxide released with nickel mining and the CO2 emitted by the EV battery factories.)

Con: Because EVs are heavier and quicker off the line, their tires can wear out faster—especially if you push your automobile. Of course, traction control mitigates some of this. Some electric vehicles require non-standard tires which can be more expensive. When you add these costs to the list price, you may have eaten up all of the savings at the gas pump.

Con: You only have so many options when shopping for an electric vehicle. Many EV owners are strictly Tesla drivers, so this is not a problem for them.

In a nutshell:


Quiet and quick
You plug them in at night to recharge
Cheaper to operate
No tailpipe emissions
Avoid the annoying ads on gas pump TV screens 
High on the cool factor


Limited range 
You plug them in at night to recharge
Pricey to maintain 
Limited choices
They really aren't greener

Can you think of more advantages and disadvantages of EVs? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section.

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