Brakes: Your Car's Most Important Safety System

2018-06-27 07:55:51

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Whether you’re a fan of sports cars, trucks, or any other type of auto; I think that there is one thing we can all agree on and that’s that the automotive brake is an amazing feat of engineering. Think about how little energy it takes to press down the brake pedal yet the mechanism brings 3,000 pounds of hurtling steel and aluminum to a stop. Not only are brakes a brilliant invention, they are probably the most important safety component in a car. Just take a second and imagine if all the car brakes in the world stopped working simultaneously. Not a pretty thought. So let’s talk a little about our life-saving car brakes.

A Block of Wood

Brakes in automobiles started as simple as you can imagine although they weren’t the most effective. The first brakes were levers that would press a wood block onto the wheel. The friction of the wood on the wheel would eventually cause the car to slow down. Thankfully, the cars back then didn't have a lot of power because this braking technique wouldn’t have worked at high speeds. Like every other vehicle component, brakes began to advance and new methods and materials were developed to improve their functionality.

Disc and Drum

The birth of the disc and drum brake systems completely changed how automobiles stopped. Both of them multiply the relatively low energy required to engage the brake into exponentially more stopping power. Drum brakes were innovative when they were first introduced but had one main drawback; all of the components were covered under the drum which made cooling the brakes much more problematic. That led vehicle designers to create disc brakes that used calipers and pads to stop the car.

Most autos today use disc brakes and they’ve become very effective and efficient. With a disc brake setup, calipers squeeze two pads against a rotor that generates friction to slow (and eventually stop) the shaft rotation. The rotor is also called a disc, hence the name. Because disc brakes are much more exposed to air circulation than drum brakes, cooling them and keeping them running properly was much easier.

Brakes haven’t only become more capable but they’ve become smarter. There are now cars that have automatic braking systems that work with the car’s sensors, cameras, and radars to activate automatically if it detects something in front of the automobile. This is making driving safer for everyone. In many sports cars there are carbon ceramic brakes that are engineered to be lightweight and able to withstand the intense heat that comes from braking at high speeds.

Regardless of continuing innovation, motorists will always need periodic brake service. Come and see us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair and we’ll ensure that your brakes are working properly for you.

Are You Ready To Embrace Autonomous Driving?

2018-06-20 08:18:44

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Even if you don't live in an area where autonomous vehicles are being tested, you have probably heard a lot about them.

With all the publicity—both negative and positive—about autonomous technology, some Americans wonder if their fellow citizens are completely on board. Since it's a frequent topic of conversation, we looked into it.

The Public Has Not Embraced Them Yet

A recent survey by CareId (an automotive marketing company), found that not all Americans are sure about them.

We Still Like to Drive Ourselves

The survey found 75% of respondents would prefer to drive themselves than be transported in an autonomous car. Furthermore, if they were using autonomous transport, 64% would rather own the vehicle rather than hire it.

Recent Fatalities

Pedestrian Elaine Herzberg was struck and killed by a semi-autonomous vehicle in Arizona in March 2018. That same month, the driver of a Tesla Model X died after the car crashed and caught on fire. Tesla confirmed that the car was on the autopilot setting when the accident occurred.

Will They Be Safer?

Despite these tragedies, proponents argue that self-driving cars will make our roads much safer. Some even predict a future with zero vehicle fatalities.

Did the survey respondents believe this? 55% said autonomous technology will lower but not eliminate accidents. 24% believe the accident, injury, and fatality rates will remain the same. 51% said they would feel "somewhat" or "very" unsafe riding in an autonomous car.

Should The Government Get Involved?

When it comes to autonomous automobiles, the survey respondents favored government regulation almost 2 to 1.

Are You Ready For Them?

How do you feel about autonomous cars? Are you as nervous as some of your fellow drivers? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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A New Life For Used Tires

2018-06-13 07:52:13

Without tires on your vehicle, you wouldn't get very far. They help propel you forward and they support your car’s weight. Properly inflated tires with good tread help keep you and your ride on the road. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever.

Every year roughly 300 million tires need to be replaced. That is about one tire for every American every year. What happens to all of those used tires? Few states allow tires in landfills. This is because they quickly pile up and trap methane which damages landfill liners. When the liners are damaged, the toxins from the tires pollute the groundwater. Lots filled with piles of old tires provide an ideal place for rats and mosquitoes to flourish. Burning tires isn't an option, as the fumes are toxic.

Recycling tires is the environmentally-responsible way to deal with old tires. Most likely the location you purchased your tires will recycle them for you. Roughly 110 products use rubber from recycled tires according to the EPA. Some of these products are artificial turf, mud flaps, rubberized asphalt, floor mats, garden mulch, and erosion control products.

Recycling used tires is not the only green option for disposal. Reusing old tires for DIY projects is an enjoyable way to give your old tires a new life. The nostalgic tire swing is just one of many approaches to reusing a spent tire. Below is a list of old tire DIY projects.

Whimsical garden planter
Archery target
Playground obstacle course
Garden furniture
Treads for outdoor steps
Dog bed
Jungle gym
Bike rack
Climbing wall
Landscaping steps
Compost container
Hose holder
Umbrella holder
Childs hammock
Horse trough
Ice chest

Need tire balancing, mounting, or rotating? I-86 Truck & Auto Repair provides services for the tires on your vehicle. (Need a caterpillar planter? Looks like a fun Saturday project.)

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Can You Guess the Auto Emblem?

2018-06-06 08:07:09

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Auto company symbols are not just creative representations, they may also hold some history of the automaker itself. See if you can guess the automobile company responsible for the following emblems.

Emblem Description: A women leaning forward. The garment billowing behind her looks a lot like wings.

The Spirit of Ecstasy is the official name of this Rolls Royce emblem. (The double "R" emblem would have been too easy.)British model and secretary Eleanor Thornton was the inspiration for this classic sculpture. She was the personal secretary of Baron John Scott Montagu. He was a friend of co-founder Charles Rolls. Miss Thornton and Montagu were on a ship in the Mediterranean when they were torpedoed by a German U-boat. Thornton drowned but Montagu survived.

Emblem Description: A red ram’s head inside of a red pentagon.

Can you picture it? Dodge motors introduced this ram-inspired insignia. A popular origin story goes like this: back in the 1920’s, the ram’s head was put on radiator caps, and Walter P. Chrysler was told people would always think to “dodge!” when they encountered a wild ram.

Emblem Description: Three silver ovals, two that are arranged to form the first letter of the automaker’s name

The oval placement no only looks like the “T” in Toyota, but the company explains that the emblem also illustrates a core value. The overlapping ovals signify trusted relationships.

Emblem Description: A black ring with two blue and two white triangles inside.

This logo for BMW was originally designed in 1917 to represent the Bavarian state colors. However, subsequently someone pointed out that it resembled a propeller. Since BMW originated as an aircraft manufacturer, this reinterpretation of the emblem was deemed appropriate.

At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair in Falconer, we appreciate the artwork that has adorned autos throughout automotive history. If you appreciate trusted, affordable automotive service, call us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair.

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