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Monthly Archives: October 2020

New York State Inspection Information

New York State Inspection Information

New York State vehicle inspections which have lapsed since March  have again been extended and will be valid through November 3. What does that mean for you? Availability - Will you be able to quickly get an inspection when the extension suddenly expires?  Inspection Stations are expecting an onslaught of drivers needing their vehicles inspected. The DMV is urging drivers to get their vehicles inspected even while the extension remains in place. We will do our best to work State Inspections into our daily schedule, but we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible. An unexpected number of inspections in a short period of time could also lead to inspection sticker shortages across all Inspection Stations, with shipments from the State often taking 7-14 days under normal circumstances. We have made sure our supply is adequate thru year-end! Your Safety - This time has affected use and condition of vehicles. Those not driven can have ... read more