What Do You Think? Which State Has The Worst Drivers?

2018-03-28 22:03:02

which state has the worst drivers New York

If you brave the Jamestown commute, you perhaps think all the incapable drivers in the country live right here in New York. Whether they pull out in front of you and then slow down, ride your rear bumper for miles, ignore a red light or (gulp!) text—the driving behavior taking place on our nation's roads puts us all at risk.

The data wizards at the tech firm Smart Asset used the following metrics to establish the top ten:1

  • Total number of drivers
  • Number of DUI arrests
  • Deaths per thousand drivers
  • Percentage of insured drivers
  • Number of Google searches about "speeding tickets" and "traffic tickets"

Does your state make this hall of shame? Check the listing:

Number 10 is Nevada, the home of glittering Las Vegas surrounded by miles and miles of lonely interstates. If you drive to Las Vegas to gamble, the biggest risk you take may be on I-15.

Texas comes in at Number 9. There are YouTube channels devoted solely to recorded examples of inept driving in the Lone Star State.

Number 8 is Tennessee. A Nashville tourist website quips: "Traffic rules in Nashville can be summed up easily: Hold on and pray."2

Seemingly reserved Vermonters came in at Number 7? We were surprised also. This advice is from the Vermont DMV website: "Never underestimate the other driver's capacity for mayhem."7

Alabama captures the sixth spot. An Alabama Highway Safety site displays this grave statistic: "In their lifetime, typical drivers in Alabama have a greater than one-in-three chance of being in a crash involving injury or death."4

Number 5 and 4 are both in the northeast: Delaware and New Jersey respectively. Tragically, both rank high in fatal crashes.

Oklahoma places third overall and tops the roster for percentage of uninsured drivers.

We're staying down south with number 2: Mississippi. According to the Mississippi DMV, no drivers education course is needed to obtain a drivers license for residents over 15 years of age.5 Hmm...I wonder if they should reconsider that.

And the winner (or loser) is: Florida. The state has the second highest number of uninsured motorists and residents search Google for "traffic tickets" and "speeding tickets" more often than those of any other state. Florida driver Katie Smith is one of the country's many YouTube dashcam filmers who record incapable auto owners while traveling the streets of her home state. Her goal is to bring awareness to the problem of inept driving and hopefully encourage Florida drivers to shape up.6

Here is the list again:

  1. Florida
  2. Mississippi
  3. Oklahoma
  4. New Jersey
  5. Delaware
  6. Alabama
  7. Vermont
  8. Tennessee
  9. Texas
  10. Nevada

Be careful out there, fellow auto owners, and let I-86 Truck & Auto Repair expertly perform scheduled auto maintenance to keep your car in top shape so you'll have one less thing to worry about. The team at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair wishes you safe travels - wherever you live.


4 Surprising Auto Insurance Benefits

2018-03-27 17:18:21

auto insurance repairs Falconer

If you have ever been involved in a crash, you probably reviewed your auto insurance coverage when you filed the claim. We all expect our car insurance policy to cover the cost of repairs, and in unfortunate cases where someone suffers an injury, hospital bills. Did you know, however, that many auto insurance carriers cover a whole lot more? Here are some overlooked benefits that your policy may cover.

Civil Mayhem

It seems like riots and protests are occurring more frequently around the country and at times during these events cars are damaged or even set on fire when things get out of hand. If your car has suffered damage due to protests or demonstrations, your auto insurance policy may help pay for repairs. After checking with your insurance agent, call I-86 Truck & Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for any necessary service.

Vet Bills

Some motorists take their dog or other pet with them everywhere they go. Since pets are rarely restrained, they can suffer injuries in a crash. If your pet has been involved in an accident that caused injuries, check with your agent. Some car insurance companies cover veterinary care.

Lost Wages

It's bad enough to get hurt in an accident, but if you miss some paychecks, it literally adds insult to injury. If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), your insurance company may reimburse you if you can't work while you recover.

Child Safety Seats

If you have an accident that damages your son or daughter's car seat, your policy may pay for a replacement. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that child safety seats be replaced after a moderate or severe collision, even if there is no obvious damage. Visit https://www.nhtsa.gov/car-seats-and-booster-seats/car-seat-use-after-crash for more details about safety seat replacement recommendations.

For information on whether your policy includes these benefits, contact your carrier. If it doesn't currently cover an item you are interested in, you may be able to add it to your policy.

If you file a claim for repairs, your insurance company may give you list of service centers to choose from—but don't assume that you can't use another automotive repair shop. If I-86 Truck & Auto Repair is not on the list, let us talk to your insurer. We provide the highest quality parts and service for insurance repairs and take the headache out of the process. We can be reached at 716-665-2501.


Smooth Operator: Your Car Suspension

2018-03-20 17:11:59

suspension service Falconer

Have you ever been driving a car and felt like you were gliding on clouds because the ride was so smooth? You can thank the suspension for that. And if you have been in an automobile that feels stiff and bumpy when you’re driving, then you can blame the suspension for that. Your car’s suspension plays an important role in how it drives. Let's review the most common varieties of car suspensions.

Control Arm Suspension

The control arm suspension is assembled with the shock in the middle of two wishbone shaped arms. The control arm suspension is one of the shorter suspension systems. Because it’s shorter than many other suspensions, it's a great option for sports cars that are low to the ground and don’t have much clearance.

Solid/Live Axle Suspension

The solid/live axle suspension can make for a rough ride because it connects to two wheels at once so if one wheel hits a bump, it affects the other one. This is called a dependent suspension because both wheels are depending on each other to try to absorb the jolt. Solid/live axle suspensions are starting to be replaced by independent rear suspensions (IRS) that give a smoother ride.

Multi-link Suspension

The multi-link suspension layout is one of the most complicated suspension systems. Multi-link suspensions have multiple parts that link together to optimize ride quality and to absorb any bumps. Because multi-link systems use more parts than most suspensions, they can be one of the more expensive options, but the benefits are considerable. Multi-link suspensions deliver easy braking, more balanced acceleration, and smoother turning.

Air Suspension

Last on today’s list is air suspension. Air suspension technology is being adopted by more carmakers and may someday replace traditional suspension systems. Air suspension uses airbag-like technology to fill and deflate when driving. These systems offer an extremely comfortable ride but they are still very costly. As of this writing, standard air suspension is only available on high-end luxury cars. Of course, if you want to add it to a car with another type of suspension, you can probably do it for several thousand dollars.

Automotive engineers come up with new varieties of suspension systems and components all the time. No matter what type of suspension you have in your car, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring hundreds of miles of smooth performance. I-86 Truck & Auto Repair has trained skilled technicians that can expertly provide all of your suspension service and repair needs.


Why Do New Cars Cost So Much?

2018-03-13 16:57:14

car repair Falconer

Recent studies have shown that the median household in the country cannot afford an average-priced new automobile. Graph after graph represents the sticker price of new vehicles going up much more sharply than the median household income. But why? Cars have always been cars. What has changed?

Safety And Emissions

Our cars today are safer and cleaner than they ever have been. This is good news for drivers and good news for Mother Earth. However, one consequence is the rise of prices for these cleaner, safer cars.


Carmakers know more and more each year about how to make cars more efficient and safer, and the cost of that research gets passed along to auto buyers. All of the engineers, scientists, and designers need to be paid for analyzing data and integrating new knowledge into automobile design and development.

What The People Want

It's not just government regulation that increases the price of cars, consumers are demanding more and more from the cars they purchase. Amenities that would have been considered only for luxury cars decades ago are now standard. Gone are the days when "rolling down the window" meant actual work and cars were opened with things called keys. Today's motorists want keyless entry and power everything.


One of the biggest demands put on carmakers is to incorporate more technology into new cars. Camera systems are practically everywhere and our vehicles now talk to our phones!

New cars are definitely pricier today, but in the end, we are driving significantly better autos. They keep us safer with things like standard airbags and stability control systems. They also run better (and longer) than the automobiles of decades past. Many cars can go 200k miles with standard maintenance and few major repairs.

Have you been able to purchase a new vehicle? Or are you trying to keep your older vehicle going for a few more years? Either way, I-86 Truck & Auto Repair is here to help you protect your investment with full-service auto maintenance and repair.

Fender-Bender? Important Do's and Dont's

2018-03-06 17:20:29

auto insurance repairs Falconer

It happens all the time on Falconer streets and in parking lots. A driver hits another vehicle at slow speed. The damage is minimal. Nobody is hurt. So the drivers exchange insurance information and agree to leave it at that. Why call law enforcement for something so minor?

There are actually several vital reasons.

Why You Should Get A Police Report If You Are In A Fender-Bender

1. The other driver may sue you for damage you didn't cause.
2. You want a police officer to document the fender-bender.
3. You might need a police report to file an insurance claim.
4. An injury might not manifest until days later, and you will need the report.
5. The other driver and any witnesses may change their story in the days ahead. You want documentation to establish the facts—especially if you weren't at fault.

What If The Accident Happens On Private Property?

This situation can be confusing. In some states, officers don't come to private property if the accident didn't cause any injuries. In other states, you are only required to file a police report for automobile damage above a specific dollar amount. The problem is—how do you know how much it will cost to fix it? It's best to get a police report if you can.

What Do You Do In Case Of An Accident?

You have to exchange insurance information. No matter what. You cannot leave the scene of an accident without exchanging information. You should wait for a police officer to come—as we just established.

Some drivers involved in an accident don't want to report the incident to their insurance carrier. Usually, it's because they are afraid their insurance premiums will skyrocket. Regardless of what the other driver wants, you really should report it to your insurance company.

If you don't, you could relinquish some legal protections or insurance benefits. And you will probably get in trouble with your own insurer if they find out about the collision in some other way. You pay a lot of money to keep your vehicle insured. Don't give up protections because another auto owner tries to convince you that you can work it out with each other.

If you have been involved in a fender-bender, you need an auto service center that works with car insurance companies. At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we do insurance repairs to get you back on the road quickly. We can be reached at 716-665-2501.

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