Nifty Gadgets For Traveling With Pets

2019-02-27 08:17:44

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Dogs Are People Too! Cat Lover On Board. I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie! My Cats Are Smarter Than Your Honor Student. These are some of the bumper stickers you might find slapped on the autos of pet lovers. But there are probably some really handy pet accessories inside of those cars too. Here are a few that can keep you and your pets safe and comfortable and avoid some of the wear and tear pets can cause your vehicle.

Upholstery Protection

Seat covers are the optimal upholstery-saver for the pet owner's car, truck, or van. Most covers are for back bench seats (if your vehicle has front airbags, no pets should ride in the front seat without the airbags disabled), but some slip nicely over bucket seats. There are even pet covers to fit in the cargo area of SUVs. All of them are easy to remove for cleaning.

Containing Your Pet To The Backseat

Speaking of the backseat, keeping your pet there can be difficult. There are plenty of options for barriers that stretch between the front seats. These are usually made of a mesh or a large-weave web so you will still be able to see your dog or cat and they will be able to see you.

Entering and Exiting the Vehicle

Steps and ramps are an ideal option to help your pet get in and out of your vehicle, especially as pets get older. There are many ramps that attach to the back of vans and SUVs and neatly fold up when not in use. Drivers who have large breeds of dog will find these accessories to be much lighter than lifting their furry friends into the car by themselves.

Most cats don't find car travel as pleasing as dogs do. The majority of cat owners find that a carrier is the best way to keep the cats and the drivers safe in the car.

And if you are headed on a long trip with or without pets, come see us at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair for a pre-trip auto inspection. Call us at 716-665-2501 to schedule an appointment.

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Pet Auto Safety

2019-02-20 08:05:56

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Today's post is for Falconer dog lovers who bring their furry friend along with them in their automobile but do not use any type of restraint device. If this is the case for you, you are not alone. (I am sure many of us motorists are culpable.) In a recent survey by AAA and Kurgo (a pet supply company), only 16% of respondents reported using an auto safety restraint for their dog.

Key results from the study:

  • 56% of survey participants had driven with their pet in a vehicle at least once a month over the prior year.
  • 29% reported to being distracted by their pet while behind the wheel.
  • 65% of dog owners admit to engaging in potentially distracting behavior while driving with their dog.

Reported behavior while driving with dogs:

  • Petting dog (52%).
  • Using hands or arms to restrict animal’s movement or restraining dog while braking (23%).
  • Using hands/arms to prevent animal from jumping from the back to the front seat (19%).
  • Reaching into backseat to interact with dog (18%).
  • Allowing dog to sit in lap or holding dog while driving (17%).
  • Giving food to pet (13%).
  • Playing with dog (4%).
  • Taking a picture of dog (3%).

All the results can be viewed here:

An unrestrained dog could get severely injured or killed in an accident, but, clearly the same dog could also be the cause of an accident. Drivers who fail to contain their canine friend or purposefully interact with them while driving put themselves in danger along with the other auto owners on the road.

Safety Systems

Pet restraint devices come in many different configurations. There are auto harnesses, dog safety belts that connect to a conventional harness, and box or basket style car seats with an attached harness. Some of the box style seats are elevated which permits smaller dogs to see out of the windows. When choosing one, make sure it is manufactured for your animal's size and weight. At the very least, a pet can be put in a conventional animal carrier. Though it is not attached to the seat, at least the pet can't jump around.

Safety-conscious motorists (hopefully all of us) also need to make sure their auto is mechanically sound. I-86 Truck & Auto Repair is your partner in safety when it comes to quality auto repair and scheduled maintenance. If you are looking for a reliable service center to keep your automobile safe for both your two-legged and four-legged family members, call us at 716-665-2501.

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Frequently Asked Question About Brakes

2019-02-13 08:09:35 auto insurance repairs Falconer

Whether you are purchasing or maintaining a vehicle, the quality of your brakes should be at the top of your list of concerns.

How do brakes work?

When you apply the brakes, you are driving a plunger in the master cylinder. This impels brake fluid through a system of hoses. Brake fluid (hydraulic fluid) can't be compressed, so it has enough power to engage a braking unit secured to the wheel.

With a disk brake, the brake fluid comes from the master cylinder to a caliper. The caliper pushes a piston which squeezes two rotors (or disks). The rotors are secured to the wheel.

Drum brakes use a wheel cylinder, brake shoes, and drum to stop the wheel. Brake fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder. The wheel cylinder thrusts the brake shoes away from the drum. This causes the friction linings to press against the drum. The drum is secured to the wheel, therefore, the wheel stops rotating.

Your brake system is pretty fantastic! It can bring a 4,000 pound automobile from 55 mph to a stop in just a few seconds.

There is a long list of components that play a vital role in the braking system. These include:

Fluid condition
Wheel bearings
Grease seals

When you get charged for maintenance on your brakes and wonder where all the charges are coming from, examine all of the parts in the braking system.

How often should you have your brakes looked at?

Unless your car is noticeably shaking when you come to a stop, you should get your brakes maintained once a year.

What are warning signs that your brakes need attention?

Listen for any noise your automobile makes when you come to a stop, especially grinding and screeching noises.

If you feel vibrations from your brake pedal that go up into your steering wheel, it’s time for a brake analysis.

If you feel like you have to apply more pressure than usual when you apply the brakes, it may be time for some new brake pads.

Whatever you do, have them checked right away if your brake warning light glows on your dashboard.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs, or it has just been a while since you had brake maintenance on your auto, call I-86 Truck & Auto Repair to schedule a brake service.

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Best Car Accessories For People With Kids

2019-02-06 07:46:03

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Play groups, soccer practice, preschool, doctor appointments, trips to grandma's house, music lessons. Shouldn't every parent earn their chauffeur's license with all of this kid shuttling? Thankfully, there are many terrific products that can make the time you spend in the car more enjoyable for the whole family.

Sun Shades

Keeping your child safely secured in a car seat or booster seat is a no-brainer, but have you ever thought of how little movement they have once they are strapped in? And if the sun is just right in the sky, your kiddie might not be able to change their position enough to avoid bright light in their eyes and heat on their skin. How uncomfortable! But side window sunshades can keep your child cool and relaxed. They block out the sun's rays without compromising visibility for the driver.

Travel Trays

Drivers should never turn around to help out in the backseat while the car is moving, so it's vital that kids can keep their toys or snacks secure. Travel trays rest on a child's lap and are specially designed with a raised rim that can corral crayons and contain Cheerios. Their semi-rigid construction allows for lots of different activities without the potential danger of hard surfaces.

Baby Car Seat Mirror

The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that little ones stay in rear-facing car seats until the age of 2 or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. Baby rear-facing car seat mirrors attach to the rear seat headrest and allow you to see your child's face while you drive.

Head Rest Hooks And Organizers

Keeping the family car tidy and organized seems like a losing battle, but there are some inventive gadgets to help out. Headrest hangers turn the back of seats into a perfect place to hang a backpack or a gym bag. There are also organizers on the market that sling to the headrest. They have pockets for toys, snacks, iPads, markers, baby wipes, you name it!

Trash Cans

Speaking of keeping clean, a plastic grocery bag flopping around on the floor rarely does the trick. Instead, look for a rigid or semi-rigid container that closes after you put the garbage inside. Some are even designed to connect to the back of the console or behind a seat.

Backup Cameras

With little ones playing in and around the house, nobody wants to back up their automobile without being 100% sure it is clear. If your car doesn't have a backup camera, look into having an after-market one installed. They are surprisingly cost-effective and the peace of mind they offer is invaluable.

Having a trusted service center also gives you peace of mind. If you are looking for a reliable auto shop in Falconer, give I-86 Truck & Auto Repair a call at 716-665-2501.

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