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A New Life For Used Tires

Without tires on your vehicle, you wouldn't get very far. They help propel you forward and they support your car’s weight. Properly inflated tires with good tread help keep you and your ride on the road. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever.

Every year roughly 300 million tires need to be replaced. That is about one tire for every American every year. What happens to all of those used tires? Few states allow tires in landfills. This is because they quickly pile up and trap methane which damages landfill liners. When the liners are damaged, the toxins from the tires pollute the groundwater. Lots filled with piles of old tires provide an ideal place for rats and mosquitoes to flourish. Burning tires isn't an option, as the fumes are toxic.

Recycling tires is the environmentally-responsible way to deal with old tires. Most likely the location you purchased your tires will recycle them for you. Roughly 110 products use rubber from recycled tires according to the EPA. Some of these products are artificial turf, mud flaps, rubberized asphalt, floor mats, garden mulch, and erosion control products.

Recycling used tires is not the only green option for disposal. Reusing old tires for DIY projects is an enjoyable way to give your old tires a new life. The nostalgic tire swing is just one of many approaches to reusing a spent tire. Below is a list of old tire DIY projects.

Whimsical garden planter
Archery target
Playground obstacle course
Garden furniture
Treads for outdoor steps
Dog bed
Jungle gym
Bike rack
Climbing wall
Landscaping steps
Compost container
Hose holder
Umbrella holder
Childs hammock
Horse trough
Ice chest

Need tire balancing, mounting, or rotating? I-86 Truck & Auto Repair provides services for the tires on your vehicle. (Need a caterpillar planter? Looks like a fun Saturday project.)

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