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5 Must-Have Teen Auto Skills

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Today's message is for inexperienced teenage drivers or brand-new drivers of any age. Even if you don't have your own vehicle, someday you probably will and this is also essential knowledge for using other people's vehicles responsibly.

1. How to check your oil.

Take our word for it, you really, really don't want to drive with low oil. Oil is the lifeblood of your automobile and you are in danger of serious damage to the engine if you don't maintain a sufficient level of lubrication. (You may also risk serious damage to your driving privileges.) Equally important: know how often to change your oil. Dirty oil is also dangerous. If you are responsible for maintaining a car, stop by I-86 Truck & Auto Repair and we will let you know how often to change the oil in your particular automobile, as well as the kind of oil to use. While you are here, we can also show you how to monitor the levels of your car's other vital fluids.

2. How to check tire air pressure.

Wheels and tires are costly. And even if your car's Tire Pressure Monitoring System lists the pressure readings for each tire on one of the dashboard displays, you never know when you will be driving a vehicle without that handy feature.

3. How to change a tire. 

Even if you think you aren't mechanically inclined, don't be intimidated by this process. Anyone can learn. The team at I-86 Truck & Auto Repair advises brand-new teen motorists practice a few times in their driveway so they will be able to do it in any situation, such as roadside after sundown in a snowstorm.

4. How to follow maintenance schedules.

The owner's manual outlines the schedules to adhere to for routine maintenance including oil changes which we explained in number one. Other car maintenance services include belt checks, cabin air filter replacement, alignment, and tire rotation and balancing. Since most teenagers are adept at using dozens of social media apps, they may want to download an app to help keep track of scheduled auto maintenance. It may not be as fun as posting a selfie on Instagram, but it will save a lot of dollars on repair costs and keep your car in superb condition.

5. What to do when the check engine light comes on.

The check engine light informs drivers about troubles that range from a loose gas cap to engine misfiring. Every novice motorist should learn what the different check engine light patterns indicate. (e.g. continuous light, quick flickering, steady blinking, etc.)

Thanks for visiting the I-86 Truck & Auto Repair blog. We wish you a lifetime of safe traveling.