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3 Critical Things Your Auto Shop Wants You To Understand

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At I-86 Truck & Auto Repair, we pride ourselves on both our technical ability and our dedication to customer service. We are frequently reminded, however, that our relationship with each of our valued customers is reciprocal. Some of our customers make things easier for both of us by understanding some fundamentals.

Here are 3 critical things you should know about car repair.  By understanding these, you can help us provide timely service and ensure a favorable experience when you bring in your car for repair or maintenance.

1. Help Us Help You By Giving Us All The Details

"It makes a weird noise" is pretty ambiguous. If you give us all the other particulars, it helps us diagnose the problem quicker. Where is the noise coming from? Persistent or intermittent? Does it happen when you are braking, accelerating, or idling? When did you first observe the issue? Has it been getting worse?

2. Know Your Warranty

Car owners who know what is covered in their warranty are less likely to be surprised when they get the repair bill. Some auto owners are under the impression that their warranty will only cover repairs done at the dealer. This is rarely true. While we're on the issue of warranties, ask us about our parts and repair warranty.

3. It Takes A Lot of Money to Run a Service Center

No one likes a big unexpected car repair bill. We get that. But before you assume that you are getting overcharged, consider just how much it costs us to fix your car. Some shops have over 25k invested in tools. Diagnostic machines can cost over 10 grand. Leasing or buying a building is pricey. (How much is your mortgage payment?) Competent, highly-trained technicians don't work for free and need ongoing training to keep up with rapidly-advancing automotive technology. It costs us to dispose of used oil responsibly (and legally). The price of parts never goes down. And don't forget about insurance. While managing an automotive service center is rewarding in many ways, it is not the path to the fattest paycheck in the world. We love to serve our customers, so we strive to offer prices that are economical. We may not be the very cheapest, but we can explain why we offer the greatest value.