I might be getting "special treatment" but who's to say every/most customers don't also feel that way!? We all want mechanics that have integrity, do an excellent job, and communicate clearly. I have found this to absolutely be the case!!! At I86 you get friendlier (and better) service than a dealership, without the mistrust and extreme costs. Jerrod and Jason are top notch!!!! I do a lot of my own work so it's great to have a garage like this that can do the jobs I can't or don't have the time to do. They also worked with me on allowing me to shop around for parts and install the part(s) that I was able to find at deep discount. To give this review some credibility, I will add some constructive criticism (but please note the 5 stars I gave). Some of their prices seem high. In general this is because they will go the "extra mile" and use specialized additives from BG. If you just want something "run of the mill", you may want to shop around or you can ask them what is included in the service and why there is an added benefit. You may want what they are offering or you may want to go elsewhere. Since this business is awesome at customer service and communication, I would ask first before blindly agreeing to have a service package (transmission service, coolant flush; etc) performed. Lastly I wanted to elaborate on a few simple things they did for me. I appreciate how thorough they were on my alignment. It took longer but the job was done right, something I have not experienced at other places. In addition, Monroe Muffler was unable to fix my TPMS sensor problem and it was routine for I86. Sometimes it's not worth it to go to "cheaper" chains.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/23/2016

Fantastic service, professional, honest, ethical personal. First time customer, was visiting Jamestown,NY and had asked around for an honest repair shop.it was the right question to ask! I am definitely a life-long customer of I-86 Auto Repair!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/21/2016

I wish to thank I-86 Truck & Car Repair for another terrific job. And for getting it done in a timely fashion. Tho a few more things needed to be repaired, it was nice to have the tech let me know what was going on & why. The 21 point inspection has alerted me that I have a small leak in a hose for themostat & to keep an eye on it & bring it back at my discrestion. Knowing that helps me to try & budget repairs. The office staff was friendly & considerate while I waited. I would recommend I-86 to anyone that wants their vehicle fixed right the 1st time arround 😄

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/17/2016

Great Job.

4.5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/3/2016

Thank you for taking care of my breaks and providing excellent service on another problem. A fluid check was done as part of the break replacement. The technician found the oil was very low and not only filled it up but researched the problem, found my specific vehicle may be susceptible to this issue and printed documentation from the car manufacture explaining the issue. This is better service than I have received from the dealer, whom I have also spoken to about the same problem. Thank you!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/27/2016

I like your service and am glad that I finally found someplace to take my truck, and it gets fixed right. Your people our very nice and try to answer all my questions when I call. The only thing that bothered me was the extra 16,405 extra miles that was on my odometer when my dashboard was replaced. I spoke to Jarrod and he said your tech's said it shouldn't make a difference. You are all great. Thank you very much for being there for me and my daughter. Thank you again. Have a good day. Bette

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/20/2016

As always, the service is excellent! I picked up a slow leak from something I drove over recently and had a bunch of errands to run when I went out to get in the car my tire was very low on air. I called I-86, spoke to Jared and he told me to come down and he would have the leak looked at while I waited and had it repaired. He and Jason squeezed me in and got me on my way ASAP. It was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! Thanks Guys

You're very welcome Don! We've been doing rapid response "breakdown service" for 10 years so we know the importance of fast turnaround times. Glad we had some wiggle room in the schedule for you when you needed it. I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service
5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/17/2016

You did a good job with my truck yesterday. Thank you.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/16/2016

I was very happy with the service to my jeep. I didn't notice the sluggishness it had when doing speeds between 40-45 mph. The staff was very friendly & helpful. Having the tech check car over & top off any fluids necessary is always helpful & appreciated. Thanks for all you do to keep my jeep in working order 😄

Thank you for taking time to leave a comment Sue! People may not know, but we have some Jeep enthusiasts working here at I-86!! For 2015, Jeep was one of the top auto makes we serviced!! Others were Ford, Subaru, Dodge, Honda, VW and BMW. O lllllll O I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service
5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/9/2016

Excellent service, fair, honest, friendly and with integrity!! I was more than pleased!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 1/12/2016
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