Each and every time, I have brought my vehicle into I-86, the experience was always made pleasant thanks to the employees! I trust and recommend their services, as they have proven to be honest and reliable.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/6/2018

Have told so many people about you! Great to find trustworthy, reliable service. And with shuttle service!! Praise God!!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/6/2018


5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 3/1/2018

Great service!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 2/15/2018

Headlight adjustment is great!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 1/20/2018

You always take care of all my truck problems. You are all very nice and I am glad I have a place I can depend on. Thanks.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 1/3/2018

Great service and friendly. Explain what was going on the whole time.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 12/22/2017

All around good service!

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 12/9/2017

Entirety dissatisfied with the quality of service I got. I was told I had a bad wheel bearing later as I was driving home I realized it wasn't the bearing. They had removed that wheel to inspect the brakes and never tightend it. I could have been seriously injured from the lack of common Sense! I will not be returning

I'm sorry that your experience at I-86 was not what you were looking for. It's my understanding that you presented your vehicle for a New York State Inspection and it failed for multiple safety issues which can be disappointing and surprising. There were numerous safety failures including: Frame rotted through, wheel bearing L/F, Right inner tie rod, steering/wheel alignment, and lighting. Our tech showed you on the vehicle and our Advisor emailed you photos of these safety issues well so please let us know if you still have questions. I would also like to address your concern about the loose lug nuts - Because of the style of rims on your vehicle, it was not necessary for our inspector to remove a wheel to visually inspect the pads and rotors. Is it possible that someone who did the front end work you mentioned to our Service Advisor had not tightened the wheel fasteners to proper specs or that you didn't go back to have them re-torqued afterward? We also recommended rear shocks and upper ball joints as we believe you should know the condition of your vehicle at all times and we disclose 100% of what we find. I would be glad to speak with you. I can be reached at 716-665-2501. Ronda Whitford, Owner I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service
1 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 12/2/2017

Excellent service - great attention to detail and willingness to answer all my questions. The convenience of rides to and from work was very appreciated.

5 I-86 Truck Repair & Auto Service 11/29/2017
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